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Hi colleagues. I really hope for your help in the issue of immigration. I live in Moscow, but I'm going to leave it in 1.5-2 years. The situation in Russian economy is really deplorable. During this time I want to get more experience in  geodesy.

And now a bit about me. Half a year I worked as an assistant in the cadastre. Now I work on monolithic construction. I have EU citizenship (Croatia). English - upper intermediate. There is a degree of the bachelor on a speciality - the ecologist and second diploma of surveyor in the Moscow state University of geodesy and cartography. I would like to move to English speaking country - Ireland, Britain, Canada, US... + The UAE and Qatar (English is spoken by everyone there). Most interested in the following questions:

1) Is it Possible to be a land-surveyоr abroad? Arabs for example do not work, it is logical to assume that in the same Dubai surveyors in demand, but how to get there? Just go to Dubai as a tourist and try to find a job there or there are other ways?

2) Is it possible to get a job in the EU or there is no need in guest worker from Eastern Europe with  Russian diplomas in Ireland/ England?

3) I Know that in Canada, Australia, New Zealand there are immigration programs for professionals. Has anyone moved in Canada\Australia\New Zealand using these programs?

4) And most important. What about education? You just need to make apostille on my diploma or Russian diplomas doesn’t  counts as education? Or is it necessary to pass some additional exams?

5) what are the ways of employment? I need  just send a CV to a company?

It will be interesting to read any useful information.

Thank you!

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  • Wow! I don't know how much advice I am qualified to give but I have some thoughts, Moving to a different country is a big step. I would proceed with much caution. I was married to a French Canadian once. She decided she didn't like me anymore about 10 years ago. Are you married? Actually, Russia has a lot to offer from what I can determine. Lots of unspoiled environment & pretty girls. I have lived in the Orient (Taiwan) as a military brat & have been to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan & Vietnam while in the Navy.

    Obviously, need & qualifications will usually be major factors in determining who they will let in & how profitable it will be. International contractors might be something to look into.

    Here (USA, State of South Carolina) surveying is pretty much regulated by State Law. It is generally pretty similar from State to state. There are a number of different types of Surveying licenses. Land Surveying is heavily involved with legal principles of boundary location which again is pretty State specific. Land Surveyors are also expected to have a working knowledge of GPS positioning, geodesy, & the usual related mathematical disciplines that  relate to measurements. There is also a Geodetic Surveying classification as well as Photogrammetry & GIS.

    It sounds like you are well qualified but registration boards can be pretty  hard nosed about what they will accept. I would suggest contacting the various registration boards & immigration officials directly.

    Good luck & best wishes.

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    You may want to ask some of the other surveyors one on one in the Russian Surveyors Group or the Canada group ect.  

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