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Our community has many tools and resources which cannot be found anywhere on the planet. From curve calculators and coordinate converters to bootstrap audio and video studio tools, the best part about these tools is they are collaboratively built. Providing feedback makes all of our tools better for you. Here are a handful to check out.

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Our community is committed to bringing both perspectives of both the new school and the old school. Together we are harmonizing the surveying profession worldwide, in our own way.

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Helpful Checklists for Land Surveyors (Boundary, Staking, Level Loop, GPS RTK)

Checklists are indispensable assets for land surveyors, helping to ensure that each operation is executed seamlessly and meticulously. In this post, we will delve into the significance of checklists in land surveying, exploring their distinct roles in four vital areas: Boundary Survey Checklist, Elevation Level Loop, Construction Staking, and GPS RTK Checklists.

Land Surveying Article

30 Most Common Questions Ask to Land Surveyors

Welcome to what will become our comprehensive series of articles that aim to address the most frequently asked questions posed to land surveyors. Whether you are a property owner, developer, or simply curious about the field, this series will provide valuable insights into the world of land surveying. Land surveyors play a vital role in mapping and defining our physical environment, ensuring accuracy, resolving disputes, and aiding in various development projects. In this introductory article, we will present an overview of the 30 questions that will be covered in the subsequent posts.

Survey Legal Descriptions Guide + AI Tool for Surveyors ✨

Legal descriptions are important because they provide a clear and accurate definition of a property's boundaries, which can be used in legal documents such as deeds, contracts, and property records. In this guide, we will explain the legal descriptions used in land surveying for (State or Province), including metes and bounds, the government rectangular survey system, and lot and block.

How accurate are land survey measurements?

I get the same question a lot. "Why can't I just survey my land with my phone? It has GPS in it." The truth is while smartphones are convenient and useful for many tasks, they are not suitable for professional land surveying. To ensure accurate and reliable results, it is important to use specialized equipment and software designed for accuracy and precision, and to follow established standards and procedures.

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  1. I am a registered land surveyor from Arizona. I have surveyed on mountainous, forested, desert and coastal terrain in all kinds of weather. I like everything about surveying from legal research to construction staking. What I believe to be the most important part of what we do is to provide accurate information that others can rely on. This website epitomizes that belief. This site also helps me research the technical aspects of day to day surveying while being connected culturally on a global scale. This makes for an enjoyable place to learn. I look forward to signing on whenever I can. A lot of work and vision has gone into creating this site, Justin you deserve a lot of credit. Thank you.
    Rich Harris

    Paul Quagge PLS

    Professional Land Surveyor

  2. Land Surveyors United is by far the best website ever created for Land Surveyors. It has a comprehensive approach to the needs of young through experienced Land Surveyors. If you are searching for topics and information about Land Surveying there is no other place that comes close to matching the material, content and ease of structure that Land Surveyors United offers.
    Deward Bowles

    Deward Karl Bowles

    Senior Land Surveyor : B and B Surveying

  3. I am Professional Land Surveyor In Oklahoma, currently living in Arizona for now. I have joined a number of Survey related Social networks in the 17 yrs or so i have been surveying, to date i still haven't found one as versatile and helpful rather in the field on my smart phone or in the office on my desktop. I am very anxious to watch and be apart of LSU as it grows and tops the charts. If you haven't heard about the possible tasks LSU may be doing in the near future for less fortunate (for lack of a better word) countries, Ask him, and participate!
    Ty Olinghouse

    Ty Olinghouse

    Land Surveyor

  4. I have been taught only AutoCAD so I am probably in the same position as you on that Keith. Renting a unit has never crossed my mind until you mentioned it. That seems like the way to go until the business can get up and going good. The hardest part that I think I will have is getting work at first. Also, deciding how to go about charging and how much I need to charge to make a profit. You guys have given me very good ideas and tips that I would have not thought of myself and I really do appreciate it. Thanks!
    Adam Argalye

    Ramash SG

    Professional Land Surveyor

  5. ...on behalf of my colleagues and on my own behalf, i would like to say that we of the Ghana surveyors fraternity are very grateful for this initiative and initiation and as your letter put it ,it is up to us now to make it worth our while, we do promise to do our utmost best in this endeavor, thanks a million.
    Henry Kpakpo Sackar

    Henry Kpakpo Sackar

    Professional Land Surveyor

  6. I found this site on Facebook, and have enjoyed it ever since. Get to meet other surveyors , hear what they think of all types of equiptment and apps..great site for sharing all things "surveyor" . My wife and I both enjoy reading the stories and looking at the pictures..
    Gary Simon

    Gary Simon

    Land Surveyor

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