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Kevin D. Allen
  • Nashville, Indiana
  • United States
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Kevin D. Allen replied to ERIC TENOR's discussion Deformation monitoring
"First of all, you would be most likely working with a geologist so they would determine the locations to be monitored.  The survey team would set the permanent monuments in these locations, allow for these to settle and become stable ( 3…"
Jun 4
Kevin D. Allen replied to Mark Sarver's discussion TSC2 Battery Life
"Try taking it to an Interstate Battery store.  They can check it and possibly re-build it.  If they can't, look up Coastal Instrument & Supply in Florida - 800-562-8626.  They specialize in rebuilding survey instrument…"
Apr 18
Kevin D. Allen replied to Mohammad Salem's discussion Taking points in the site area
"The first question I will ask is what will this survey be used for?"
Apr 11
Kevin D. Allen replied to trout's discussion Grading Permit Plans in Pennsylvania: Can a surveyor calculate and sign off on Infiltration Beds and trenches?
"Well,  If you a an LS in any state you should keep up with your regs I would think.  Anyway here is a link to a pending bill for you to look at.  Should answer your…"
Mar 28
Kevin D. Allen replied to Dave Drahn's discussion Base with Trimble 5700/5800
"Quick answer.... no...            long answer,yes   you still get the proper corrections for the base as it handles the GPS signals, you will not benefit from the additional GLONASS of Galileo signals as your…"
Feb 26
Kevin D. Allen replied to Mohammad Salem's discussion Civil 3D 2017 do not show up the real surface as it's on the site!
"The previous commenets are as mine - got to "Surface Properties"  then "Edit Surfce Style"  then pick the Display tab and make triabgles visible.  You will see some triangles cross your channel sideways - go back…"
Jan 23
Kevin D. Allen replied to Muhammad Junaid's discussion How to get Profile Elevations from Negative Alignment Stations.
"Change your stationing so its not negative.... This is basic... basic Civil CAD knowledge...."
Jan 4
Kevin D. Allen replied to Mohamad Ezat's discussion Scale Factor in Tower
"Easy there... "
Dec 28, 2017
Kevin D. Allen replied to Mohamad Ezat's discussion Scale Factor in Tower
"Mohamad, A bit more information would be useful - 1) when you say a scale factor was used on the control points, are you referring to the general site survey?  2) When you say 95% do you mean that the piling and shoring work is 95%…"
Dec 28, 2017
Kevin D. Allen replied to Mitchell Grimm's discussion Compass Traverse Calculations
"First of all you have got to understand the accuracy limits of your equipment.  A good hand compass - one that can read to a degree or two - is hard to use to start with.  It must be held very steady, it must be level for each reading, it…"
Dec 19, 2017
Kevin D. Allen replied to Soumen Samanta's discussion In Traverse Calculation which Rule is used mostly? Bowditch Rule or Transit Rule?
"The transit rule was more or less the standard here in the US until PC's came into use and Least Squares was developed.  Even today with smaller traverses transit is superior to Least Squares. Good Luck Kevin"
Dec 5, 2017
Kevin D. Allen replied to Chris Wasemann's discussion Traverse between two known points?
"CW, So you know the coords of the two points you are traversing between right? You can calc your known bearing between these two points.  Just set up on a random point between them, backsight the first and then traverse however you need to get…"
Dec 4, 2017
Kevin D. Allen replied to DANIEL MCCARTHY's discussion inconsistent RTK elevations
"Oooohh Myyyy - the young ones today are sooo spoiled!!! You comment "The big complaint with local base is having to setup a base and break it down."  is hilarious!!  Can you imagine these same crews had to carry a 20 pound gun…"
Oct 15, 2017
Kevin D. Allen replied to DANIEL MCCARTHY's discussion inconsistent RTK elevations
"AHHH Daniel.... You and so many others ask the same thing from time to time.   There are several components to your answer starting with the fact that GPS in inherently less accurate vertically than horizontally.  "But…"
Oct 15, 2017
Kevin D. Allen replied to Doug Cruse's discussion Unspecified Projection Error ~ TDS Software
"Doug, You most likely need to update the Geoid file that is in your data collector.   Try doing an initialization setup for the sessions by using the "here" option to find a local coordinate  Also, if you are close to a zone…"
Sep 11, 2017
Kevin D. Allen replied to Randy 's discussion HIPER PLUS
"Two words... Satellite Orbits .....  Have you ever done what we "old school" GPS users had to do? Mission Plan?  There are (or were)  typically two times a day when you should be getting a coffee and a doughnut (short…"
Aug 30, 2017

Profile Information

I am here because I am a.
Just a surveyor
Surveyor Bio:
Getting back into the business after a 3 year break
Allen Consulting Services
Location for Member Map
Indiana, USA
Licenses Certifications or Awards
I have experience with the following
GPS, topographic, boundary surveys, topographic surveys, control network surveys, Construction
How many years have you been surveying?
Active in the Surveying and Engineering files for 30 years
Most comfortable with the following types of instrumentation
Total Stations, GPS, Surveying Software, Robotics, Automatic Levels, GNSS, Old school surveying, theodolite, Chain, compass

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