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Why pay hundreds of dollars per month to have your company listed in a directory website when you could save a lot of money AND help your surveying community by listing your business where it can be found?  Chances are, Land Surveyors United shows up number one in search engines for your area + surveying, so listing your company for a an entire year for one small donation is a business decision you shouldn't pass up!

only$25per year

We are putting together a comprehensive Master Global Surveying Company Directoryfor both web and print, which will also be available for mobile devices. Simply add your company information below and we will contact you when the directory is released.

No website for your surveying company? 

Here is a FREE, Fully Customizable Surveying Company Template for you to use

How this Works:

  • This page and the sign up page for the directory are only visible by LSU members- the public pages which your company will be listed will be geo-located to show up in local search results.
  • List your company for the entire year for one small minimum donation to the network, to help with maintenance and hosting.  The only other directory site offering this service to surveyors is charging upwards of $90 per month to list your business.
  • On August1st 2012, the directory pages will go live to the public enabling you to be found in search engines and GET MORE BUSINESS, attract more leads and soar to the top of search engines.
  • We have a new group forum for discussing FAQ of Global Surveying Company Directory and business optimization for your surveying business.

NOTE: You must be a registered member of Land Surveyors United in order to participate in this directory project. However, the directory pages will be made public after the beta phase so that you can easily be found in both local search engines as well as global.



Manufacturers and Marketers

I am also compiling a list of manufacturers of both surveying hardware and software to accompany the company information in the directory. If you are interested in promoting your products through this directory and have your material in the hands of surveyors from our combined network, please send us a message with best way to contact you. Our upcoming directory will be printed on 100% recycled materials and will be available online as well.