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I just read about the new upgrades coming to LSU, to include a new faster server, Hosting, Network Maintenance, Live Support, Fees associated with monthly billing related all of the moving parts of LSU, Development of Real-Time support tools, Web Development, Mobile Version and Application Development, Out Reach, Development of Continuing Education Program for Surveyors and Online Training in Foreign Countries and more.


as much as i frequent here, and want to keep it going in the "baby steps" stages of the great new professional social network and support site, i personally felt obligated to give what i could. I was a little apprehensive at first, because i am on a limited income. However when i clicked on the "donate button i noticed several options to pledge/donate. It wasn't as bad as i thought.


most of us here have frequented other sites similar, and know that they are 100% funded by advertising, vendors and major fortune 500 companies that want to be "featured" on there site... I am no fortune 500 company, nor a vendor but know what it takes to get something like this off the ground. its easy for us to log in every morning while drinking our morning Joe and not even think about what goes on behind the scenes to keep us up to date with topics such as Job for unemployed surveyors like me, tutorials, how to's and tips and tricks on the fly none the less!


no one has asked me to give any kudos or donate, but i thought i would do what i could to help the "back end" of this continuously growing, one of a kind professional social network for us, the Land Surveyors.


i think if each one of us would give a minimal amount, it would help relieve the day to day stress of keeping us "in the dirt surveyors" happy and content with worthy of reading content.


i think LSU, Justin and Palmetto Equip and supply has proven they are committed to continue to bring us the content we want and need.


Ty Olinghouse

Oklahoma PLS

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