Land Surveyors Live

Live Stream Your Land Surveying Videos During International Surveyors Week

Here is where land surveyors have the opportunity to broadcast live to the network, set times to air a broadcast and host your own webinars and webcasts.

Land Surveyors Live Broadcast Tool Land Surveyors United Network

No longer are the radio waves and webinars controlled by the big media companies in the surveying industry.  You too now have the ability to broadcast your thoughts and web-based conferences to the land surveying world. Its simple!  If you'd like to use this tool to present tutorials, host a web show or anything else you might think of as a live broadcast to surveyors all over the world, simply send LSU Justin a message.  This Land Surveyors Live tool is only available for all members of Land Surveyors United. However, the broadcasts are available for members of Facebook and Twitter to tune in and respond with live question and answer sessions (read more below about this).

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Ways to Promote Your Broadcast

There are many ways to promote your live broadcast to the entire surveyors community and the land surveying industry in general. Here are a few ideas to get the gears churning.

1) The first way is to plan about 3 days to a week ahead and post an event on Land Surveyors United, giving the time and subject of your show.

2)Secondly, you may like to promote the event itself using Facebook Events or send out a message to your contacts letting them know when to tune in to this page. All shows will be recorded and added to a library for future viewing.  This will allow you to host a series of episodes if you choose to do so.

3) Embed the Live Broadcast into your own site in the form of a custom widget if you believe that more viewers will attend your conference on your own site.

example of ways to share live broadcast widget

Live Chat for LSU Members

Of course, you can always use the native chat feature on the site (in the bottom right hand corner of the network) or the live conference chat in the toolbar up top on the right. You can use these to promote your live broadcast event simply by logging into the network. Nevertheless, on our Land Surveyors United Livestream Channel, we have embedded Twitter and Facebook chat so surveyors will be able to chat live about the event as it is happening. In fact, this is one of the best features! You can actually have live question and answer sessions using Facebook and Twitter as you are broadcasting live.Live twitter and facebook chat feature for Q&A sessions