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Surveying Photo Categories

Land Surveying Photo Categories

This page represents our ongoing efforts to organize all of the surveyor submitted photos on Land Surveyors United into categories, based on subject tag. In order to insure that your photos and images fall under the correct category, always remember to add relevant subject tags and locations to your photos when you upload them, in addition to descriptive titles and descriptions of what is happening in the photo. You can also import your surveying photos from Flickr, if you use it. If you find that your photo did not make it into the correct category, simply go to the photo in question and add '/edit' to the end of the URL and add the relevant information, refresh this page and you should see it when you click the category. Remember that subject tags are case sensitive, so the tag "Map" will render different results than "map."

Surveying Crews Photos

Survey Crew Photos
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GPS Surveying Photos

Surveying Equipment Photos

Surveying Instrument Setup

Mine Surveying Photos

Desert Surveying Photos


Robotic Total Station Photos

Robotic Total Station Photos | One Man Show Group
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Transportation Surveying Photos

Transportation Surveying Photos
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Surveying Mountains Photos

Surveying Student Photos

Survey Maps and Mapping

Wetlands Surveying Photos

Historical Land Surveying Photos

DANGER Surveying Photos on Land Surveyors United

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Surveying Crews in Photos

Land Surveyors United Features and Infographics
LSU Features and Infographics
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Surveying Related Drawings and Cartoons
Surveying Cartoons and Drawings
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Disaster Surveying Photos
Disaster Surveying Photos
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Surveying Work Truck Photos

Construction Surveying Photos



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