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Land Surveyors United Surveyor 2 Surveyor NetworkOur social support network community welcomes all geospatial professionals, land surveyors, surveying students and professors of surveying around the globe.  We encourage storytellers to share their experiences in land surveying with the network so that those new to the industry can learn from best practices, tips and tricks and lessons learned.  Through exploring our network, you'll find that since 2007, together we have transcended communication barriers which have historically segregated surveyors geographically, in language and by level of experience. We are unifying the industry and building a community by which the everyday surveyor on earth can find targeted support, build their reputation online, increase productivity and have a little fun too.  Get involved and share your experiences in land surveying with your fellow surveyors around the world!

Old school surveyors become the educators to the new school on Land Surveyors United.

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Land Surveyors United was built for the everyday land surveyor to both provide support for their collegues and get quick answers to problems which might arise in the field.  In addition, we work together to make each other's career more fruitful, productive and reputable online.  Learn about our Global Surveying Directory (opening to the public on April 1st 2012) and add your company to a place where it can be found, so you can get more business locally.



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