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Charleston, SC

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Neighbor Design

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Survey Office, Software Development, Mostly Web...however I used to survey land in charleston for 4 years doing boundry and topo.

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    you da man!
  • Your are the second Justin of two that I just tried to contact. Are you Justin - Moderator? he emailed me with a noreply email and I am having trouble finding how to reach him because he said "If you need a little help with this, let me know. I'm happy to help." but left now email reply address. If you are him then:

    I have see this RSS thing for a long time but not any explanation of the "how's" "where's" "why's" or what it means. Please send me more details along with what the RSS abbreviation represents.

    Also what you know about setting up an affiliate section on my website so I can cash in on Google Adwords or if you know someone who can help me establish it on one of my websites or blogsites.

    If you are not him then please pass it on to him if you know Justin the Moderator or whoever sent that message to me by email. Thanks, Gary Breisch
  • Thanks Justin. The entire site looks great. My amateurish skills at web design might need your help. See you around!
    -Justin @ SurveyTek
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