Guide to Surveying Support Groups

Land Surveyors United


 Land Surveyors United Support GroupsOur land survey support groups on LSU each have two over arching characteristics.  Namely, they are all based on the idea of support and theme. We have dedicated support groups for just about any topic related to land surveying.  If you search the groups and do not find a related topic, you can simply start your own group surrounding a topic.  If starting a new group, please make sure your topic is broad enough to be explored from many angles. As mentioned above, every group has its own integrated forum for discussing virtually every aspect of surveying related to the topic the group is based around.  Due to the fact that surveying laws and regulations vary according to geolocation, there are support groups for practically every location on earth. At the present time, we have groups for all 50 states in the US, all 7 continents and many countries around the world, with more being added practically every week.  The groups are a great place for niche questions that you think only a small subset of the Land Surveyors United population would be interested in, or to work on specific problems with a targeted group instead of the crowd. Like forums, the groups pop to the top of the front page list whenever there is new activity. Like forums, someone has probably already created a group for your interest - it's a lot better to jump into an active group and start a discussion than start a new one and not have the people and content to support it


Best Practices for Those New to Land Surveyors United:

Search through groups and join those groups which are based around your location on earth, topics you are familiar or involved and your surveying related interests. No two members will have the same configuration of groups which they are involved.  If you have topics or questions which you hope to discuss or find support, ask them in the forum within the group surrounding the topic.

Enjoy the open communication between surveyors on your network.  Take the entire network to work with you on your mobile phone and get real time support from your fellow collegues.

If you have a surveying equipment related question, Start a discussion in one of these groups. More groups...
Guide to Finding Surveyor Groups
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