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Surveying Experience

??? - 2016
New York
Rodman Instrument Man blah blah blah.

Gained Experience With Following

  • Everything but Party Cheif
  • Taught the other crew members

Save the irrelevant numbers:

  • Identify the irrelevant measurements
  • Saved everyone
  • Failed to save himself
Universal Land Surveying
Party Cheif
??? - 2016
New York
A Surveying Company.

Work as a Surveyor:

  • I did all sorts of things in the field

Save the irrelevant numbers:

  • Identify the survey work.....
Geo Software
Software Engineer
1983 - 2011
New York
This company receives a reputation as a world leader in surveying software.

Work as a low-level employee:

  • Pretend to be inefficient
  • Constantly disappearing from work

Secretly being a high level executive:

  • Hired someone secretly(219)
  • Fired himself secretly(102)


Massachusetts Institute of Surveying
1980 - 1983
Cambridge, MA

Education highlights:

  • Passed the PLS Exam

Professional Skills

Surveying skills

Boundary Surveys

Topographic Surveys

  • Instructed a student on building a large program once in an undercover mission when he pretended to be a math teacher
Equipment Familiarity

Expert with GPS GNSS

Expert Total Stations

Expert with 3D Scanners

*** Years Experience in the Field

  • Employee of the Month
  • Prevented a crisis in the field
People skills

Compassion and selfless love

  • "Human-interaction" is said to not be his best strength, however Finch has demonstrated his kindness and caring for all man-kind, including those posing against him