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At 5:39pm on December 14, 2018, Thomas Monisky Farrow said…

Happy Birthday Gary!

At 4:38pm on June 2, 2011, ⚡Survenator⌁ said…
you're doing an awesome job Map Man! can't wait to see how amazing the map will look next week!
At 1:49pm on April 22, 2011, Ramon F, Sanchez said…

   It is well known to us that this is a profession that is not rewarded / recognized 100% on its merits in its entirety given the great responsibility and the consequences for committing the slightest error. But I dare to speak for many here when I say that we, who love this "discipline", are responsible for educating both our partners and customers in general, including ourselves.

    For me there is no greater satisfaction than knowing that I'm delivering a "good” job to the customer. When we work keeping in mind helping others, sooner or later we are rewarded. I still love it when I "close " and adjust my traverse and level-run in the field.

    We definitely cannot stay silent if we want to represent a change and / or modification in the "system “ with the sole purpose of improving as professionals and individuals. This should be part of our "legacy" to others.

At 1:58am on December 13, 2010, Jaybird said…

Happy are making the surveying industry a better place to hang out...have a great day!

At 1:47am on December 13, 2010, Jaybird said…

You're such a great surveyor, i decided to feature you twice. you deserve to be on top always.....keep it strait and accurate experience benefits us all..!  LSU appreciates you.

At 5:42pm on November 17, 2010, ePalmetto gave Gary Breisch a gift
Thanks for all of your support and participation on LSU. For that I give you the official LSU Administrator Badge
At 2:28am on October 5, 2010, ronnie r. monilla said…
Just dropping by to say hello my friend.
At 1:51pm on March 03, 2010, ePalmetto gave Gary Breisch a gift
Terrific to hear about your about your publication Gary! You should write a supplemental blog post here on LSU and keep the momentum flowing....outstanding job!
At 11:38pm on August 22, 2009, kendall payne said…
vrs and base corerections is not available on this island t my knowledge this is the second gps system on the island
At 10:57pm on August 22, 2009, kendall payne said…
gary hi i own a promark 3 rtk with fast survey just bought it ,i live in aruba and our grid coordinate system is not a known one (its projection) can you help me with localizing procedures on the promark 3 rtk with fast survey , i have all monuments on this island coordinates in x,y,z is there a way to stand the base one one and start on a known point with the rover and be in grid immediatelly ?
At 7:44pm on February 11, 2009, Neighbor Design said…
Hi Gary...sory you're having trouble. First, here are a few links that will explain what RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is:
Quick Guide to creating RSS feeds
What is RSS?
RSS is basically taking a stream of posts from your blog and syndicating them on another other words, importing your blog into this site will create possible traffic to your other site or blog by creating links over here that direct back to your site. Do you have a blog? If not, i could create you one on your server if you like.... as for the google adsense, i can help you with that as well. Send me an email to [email protected] and tell me a little about what you hope to do and i'll make it happen for you. Call me too if you like 843-860-9290 Thanks Gary
At 10:46pm on November 27, 2008, Darren Noble said…

When will this reality show be realised Gary?

One of the three wise men of surveying... :)
At 1:21pm on November 18, 2008, ePalmetto said…
i sent you an email...
At 6:36pm on November 17, 2008, ePalmetto said…
thanks for being so active has really inspired a lot of activity from other members as well...
At 6:36pm on November 17, 2008, ePalmetto said… belongs to me (Justin)..i created it for my father's company and will be soon migrating it all to I personally maintain it.
At 9:05pm on November 15, 2008, Phil Stevenson said…
Gary, thanks for the invitation. Palmetto's sponsorship is noted and appreciated. I will try to be a good citizen here.
At 8:07pm on November 12, 2008, ePalmetto said…
Hey should have your own page on the site! I didn't know that you were an inventor should make a timeline of your surveying history to share! If you need any help with this, please let me know..very interested.

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