Updates For Recruiters and Retired Land Surveyors

For Recruiters

Last week a member who is currently seeking employment asked me how they could get in touch with a recruiter to find employment.  It dawned on me that although I had developed ways for recruiters to find job seekers, I had never added a category for recruiters.  So, today I changed that.   If you are a recruiter, simply visit Your Profile Settings and change the answer to the first question "I am here because I am...." to Recruiter.   Once enough of you have made this change, I will build a directory to make it simpler for those looking for employment to find you.  

As always, we appreciate it when you post available jobs to the Surveyor Jobs Board as it is where everyone goes to find jobs internationally.

For Those Seeking Employment

For those looking for employment, we have a new Hub called Surveyor Placement Services which you can join and connect directly with our partner Brad Laman who matches surveyors with work, daily.    If you haven't already designated your profile as "Seeking Employment"  simply visit Your Profile Settings and change the answer to the first question "I am here because I am...." to Seeking Employment.  This will place you in the category for recruiters to find you.

Here are also a few helpful quick links for finding work internationally:

Surveying Jobs Gateway

Available Surveying Jobs around the World

For Retired Surveyors

Let's face it.   Many surveyors are retiring and moving on to bigger and brighter, more relaxing things these days. However, we have hundreds of retired surveyors on the network who frequently stop by to help out other members.  Nevertheless, retired surveyors probably are less likely to visit the site daily, so I wanted to give them a way to let everyone else know that if they don't respond quickly, it is probably because they are doing other things not related to surveying. If you haven't already designated your profile as "Retired Surveyor"  simply visit Your Profile Settings and change the answer to the first question "I am here because I am...." to Retired Surveyor. 

We have a dedicated Hub for Retired Surveyors that you can join and share what you are doing in life after surveying.

Other New Updates and Notices:

*We are putting the finishing touches on the new and improved Land Surveyors United community and will hopefully migrate in the upcoming month.  

*Survey Earth in a Day 6 happens June 20th @Noon worldwide.  RSVP as "Going" Here to be included.

*If your surveying company is in need of an affordable website which will blow the socks off your competition, tell me your needs here for a quote.

I am officially entering into my last semester of Grad school and I apologize for the infrequency of these community updates, but we should get back to normal soon.  I always appreciate reading your feedback.  I also truly and sincerely appreciate your kind donations as it is how we stay alive as a community. Money is tight, but we always seem to pull together to make it work.   Long Live Land Surveying!!


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