Surveyors-How Do You Represent Your State?

Introducing The United States of America Land Surveyors Support Groups

Its been a long and interesting process, but I finally managed to get all 50 state-based social support groups up for the United States of America. The idea here is to create a place for every surveyor in the United States (and eventually the globe) to go and have all of their state based information all in one place-including the most up to date documents and events from their state board. And because state board websites (with the exception of a few) are for the most part out dated and operate like they were built in 1985, these groups give surveyors from each state a way to track important news, communicate with others in their state in a discussion format and create state-based events for others to attend.

The Next Step Involves You

In the links below you can click on the state name and find other surveyors in your state and the link beside the state is for the new state based social support group. I am currently seeking a few super surveyors (LSU Party Chiefs)who would like to take charge of their state and invite other surveyors from their state to join and become active. Also, if you would like to change the background image of your state to something other than the state flag, simply upload a photo to LSU with the title "{State Name} Group BG" or drop it into a discussion on that state's dedicated discussion board. I styled the groups to be simple yet identifiable for each state, but left the opportunity for 100% customization of each state open for you the members to choose. In the very near future, there will be a revenue sharing incentive for group moderators who recruit new members from their state. Group moderators will receive an official seal of "LSU Party Chief" to display on their profile and will become featured for their state.

United States Land Surveyors

Alabama [Support Group]
Alaska [Support Group]
Arizona [Support Group]
Arkansas [Support Group]
California [Support Group]
Colorado [Support Group]
Connecticut [Support Group]
Delaware [Support Group]
Florida [Support Group]
Georgia [Support Group]
Hawaii [Support Group]
Idaho [Support Group]
Illinois [Support Group]
Indiana [Support Group]
Iowa [Support Group]
Kansas [Support Group]
Kentucky [Support Group]
Louisiana [Support Group]
Maine [Support Group]
Maryland [Support Group]
Massachusetts [Support Group]
Michigan [Support Group]
Minnesota [Support Group]
Mississippi [Support Group]
Missouri [Support Group]
Montana [Support Group]
Nebraska [Support Group]
Nevada [Support Group]
New Hampshire [Support Group]
New Jersey [Support Group]
New Mexico [Support Group]
New York [Support Group]
Newfoundland and Labrador
North Carolina [Support Group]
North Dakota [Support Group]
Ohio [Support Group]
Oklahoma [Support Group]
Oregon [Support Group]
Pennsylvania [Support Group]
Rhode Island [Support Group]
South Carolina [Support Group]
South Dakota [Support Group]
Tennessee [Support Group]
Texas [Support Group]
Utah [Support Group]
Vermont [Support Group]
Virginia [Support Group]
Washington [Support Group]
West Virginia [Support Group]
Wisconsin [Support Group]
Wyoming [Support Group]

For Example:

Florida Land SurveyorsNew Mexico Land Surveyors

How can you Best Represent Your State


We need exactly 9 members to reach our goal of 1000 United Land Surveyors this month. Please take a moment and join the state group for the state which you live and work. Then, invite other surveyors from your state using the invite form on the group. Together, we can take Land Surveyors United to a whole new level! I appreciate all of your participation and support of LSU and look forward to seeing how each of you represent the land surveying industry in your state! And for those of you who live outside of the US, you have the exact same opportunity by joining the group for your continent and soon we will be creating support groups for your individual countries of the world. Please contact me with any questions or concerns whatsoever, from the "feedback" button on the toolbar that runs across the top of every page on the network.

Coming next week...

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Reply by Jaybird on November 1, 2010 at 11:52pm
UPDATE: YOu can now find surveyor's support groups for every state by visiting the Surveyors of North America group

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