Landing That Land Surveyor Job – Here’s 9 Job Search Tips

Assuming that you have the educational requirements (2-4 years of college) and have passed the licensing exam, you are now ready to look for that career position. One important tip – passing the national exam may still not qualify you in some states. Be certain that you check out any state requirements too. If this is your first career position, you know that you will be at entry-level and will need to apprentice (fortunately it’s paid) for about four years in most states. At that point, you are ready to apply for positions as a professional land surveyor.


Entry or Professional Level – These Search Tips May Help


Surveyors can work for either government offices or for private firms (e.g., engineering, architectural). This actually adds up to be a lot of opportunities if you are looking in the right places. As you start your search, here are nine tips that should help you out.

 1.   Use a Variety of Job Boards

Employers that need land surveyors often use a variety of online job boars to advertise their positions. If you are only using one or two boards, you may be missing out on some job opportunities. Post your resume at Indeed, Monster, Snagajob, and other major websites.


Then, don’t forget locally created job boards. You could find work through websites that are specifically targeted to the construction, architectural, and engineering industries, for example.

2. Be Sure that You are Checking Federal, State, and Local Government Job Board

Most government jobs fall into the category of “civil Service.” There may be additional examinations to take, especially at the federal level, but this should not stop you. There is a point system established for most jobs, but another background can move you up in the system. For example, you will have extra points added if you are a veteran. For specialized categories that require education and certification, you will need to present your licenses as well.

 3.  Be Certain that Your Resume is Polished

Resumes can be tough to craft, especially if you at the entry level. However, using a professional service, such as can go a long way to present yourself in the best manner. Most people are not skilled in resume creation, so get professional help.

4. Establish a LinkedIn Profile and Become Active

Land surveying is a profession, and establishing a profile can be really beneficial. Once you have established your profile, you can then seek out groups to join that let you network with peers and potential employers. Peers can point in the direction of openings they know about; if you can establish connections with potential employers, you may be personally alerted by them when an opening arises. You can also post your resume and receive alerts about job postings. LinkedIn is continually expanding its operations. Keep abreast and take advantage of every opportunity to engage with others and keep your name out there.

 5.      Join the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS)

As soon as you have your license, join. There are also regional and local chapters, and you can become active in those. The value is that there is a lot of networking that goes on, and you can get great leads and recommendations if you have made solid connections with other members. The national website also has a link to employment opportunities – just one more resource for you.

 6.      Stay in Touch with Your College Career Office

You just never know. Sometimes, firms looking for surveyors contact colleges and universities that they know have land surveyor programs. Be sure that you regularly check in, let the office know that you are still looking or looking for a change.

 7.      Take a Job in a Related Field While You Look

Potential employers like to see that you are serious about your career. If you take a job in retail while you are waiting for an opening, you don’t look as good on your resume or during an interview. Working for a real estate broker or firm or a title company (all three use land surveyors at times), in any capacity, can demonstrate your continued interest in your field. You can take a position in title searching, for example – while it is not high paying, it will give you related experience.

 8.      Beware of Paid Job Search Websites

Just don’t do it. They have nothing to offer that you cannot find anywhere else.

9.      Do Sign Up with Non-Fee Based Recruitment Firms

Once you have that great resume crafted, be certain to send it to every recruitment firm that does not charge its job seekers fees. While land surveyor positions are not necessarily plentiful, having your resume on file with them is just one more place where you are visible.


Be Aggressive but Patient


A job search is a daily activity, and those who take initiative every day will be rewarded. At the same time, make sure that you also stay up-to-date on the latest technology in the field. Like everything else, it is changing rapidly. Be patient and steadfast – the right job will come along.



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