As a Land Surveyor I have spent much time contemplating my profession. I have sought to engage Land Surveyors across the world in order to deepen my understanding of what constitutes good practice and good principle. The theory behind Land Surveying always was my focus.

I joined and posted to websites that I thought were dedicated to the purposes I mentioned above. I was very active at some of these sites and participated in many debates dealing with the business and practice of Land Surveying. The added benefit of the information exchange and the varied critique made these websites a favorite for me. I am a better Land Surveyor and businessman for it.

The websites I was posting to were copying the structure, content and look of Land Surveyors United. Eventually I was forced out of these other websites by the people who were operating them. Generally I was booted because my view was not the same as their own. When I voiced objections to their actions they deleted me. 

Many of the features of Land Surveyors United have been copied by these other competing websites I have mentioned. In fact these competing websites have been relentlessly lifting the ideas for changes in their own venue from Land Surveyors United.

As a Land Surveyor I view the practice of copying other peoples work and not crediting them for it as the worst kind of theft. What is more it is simply fraud and I personally will not be associated with that. 

I am invested in as many opinions and as many ideas as I can find, even if I do not agree with them or find them lacking but I will not tolerate this type of behavior. The websites competing with Land Surveyors United are not interested in opinions that make them look bad and thus they will censor you if you question them. Further, they are of apparently such weak character they feel compelled to plagiarize. 

I am glad there is a site like Land Surveyors United, a site so good the "character challenged" are trying to copy it.

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Reply by Jaybird on March 8, 2012 at 11:34am

you won't hear any argument here....

your site is rockin!

you're at the top of the search engines due to your helpfulness

your reputation is in control 

your voice is heard

you have a stake in your future again

and all because we maintain a high profile positivity in the network...

thanks Karl 

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