Surveying FeedsHere's a quick and dirty tutorial for how to use RSS feeds on Land Surveyors United to share discussions with one click. Do you have Gmail? (if not you can do this with any RSS reader). When you're logged into your gmail account, look up
in the top left of page and you'll see Reader (you already have it if you have gmail). Google Reader allows you to
subscribe to changes and updates on a website without actually visiting
the site itself. All you have to do is "subscribe" to a website's feed
(RSS feed) and from then on, all you have to do to see the latest updates
is go to your reader and read them like email. The key is to go down
the list of new updates daily and when you see something new and
interesting, click "Share it"....this automatically shares your favorite
content with everyone who is following you. This is also a great way
to increase the importance of a page or a discussion on search engines
because the more a piece of content is shared, the more importance it
has in the eyes of search engines. Below is a list of feeds that you
can add to your reader by simply clicking on the link and when it asks
you to subscribe, do so. Create a folder called "LSU" and add the
subscribed feeds to that folder for fast and simple reading and
sharing. You can do this for virtually any page, group or discussion on LSU, even for individual members. Let me know if you have any trouble with this.

On Land Surveyors United, there are several types of feeds:

* Latest content
* Latest featured content
* Latest content from a particular member
* Latest content for a particular tag

In the links below you can replace

* <TAG> — The name of the tag
* <SCREENNAME> — The Ning ID of the member


* Latest
* Featured
* Latest from a member
* Latest tagged


* Latest
* Featured
* Latest from a member
* Latest tagged


* Latest
* Featured
* Latest from a member


* Latest
* Featured
* Latest from a member
* Latest tagged


* Latest
* Featured
* Latest from a member
* Latest tagged


* Latest
* Featured

Each group forum supports the feeds of the forum feature.


* Latest
* Latest from a member


There is an RSS feed for every leaderboard and each feed can display the top content for the month, week, or day.

* Top Content
* Top Members
* Top Photos
* Top Blog Posts
* Top Videos
* Top Forum
* Top Events

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