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  • I may have said this before, but a very famous Land Surveyor once said, "A house divided against itself can not stand".  That was Abraham Lincoln, a Land Surveyor and a President of the USA.
  • wonderful advice....
  • thank you for join with LSU, I hope we can built surveyor web in the world and sharing experience
  • Justin,

    That is some of the best advice I have come across in some time.  Local groups with local administrators are paramount, especially since local laws and minimum standards of practice are for the moment locked at the local level.  There is no doubt in my mind that land surveyors will have to endure a new standard that is more universal some time in the near future.  Until then we should gather together and count on our similarities to resolve the need for something much larger in scope or jurisdiction than we are now experiencing and let the little stuff that divides us go about its way in the annals of history.


    Scott D. Warner, R.L.S.

  • Hi Jon...i'm certain you are not alone (re: Not so good at network stuff) which is why I have taken this as a personal teach surveyors how to network and share their experiences.  I realize a while back that the future of the land surveying profession is at stake if surveyors do not start to band together.


    As for advice on places to start, here are a few pointers:

    ~ dig through your computer and find some pictures.  upload them to the site and tell us a story

    ~you can do the same thing for videos....everyone at some point in time needs a little tutorial help!  No use in letting 30+ years of experience disappear...share some lessons and experience with us. This network will never go away..when we are all dead, there will still be surveyors who need guidance.  No matter how old you are, you can still go down in history as an expert in what you do.  If you're not into making videos yet, you can also embed some you find on Youtube which are surveying related.

    ~ Join the Colorado group and connect with the other surveyors there...if you get really interested, we can talk about making you an administrator of a local group, which will give you the ability to invite your colleagues and get some local outreach initiatives started.  

    ~ Think about the problems you have had in the past and just think..even with all of your experience, you still run into issues.  Anticipate the fact that there are surveyors out there having the same problems today.  Creating a nice work-through or troubleshooting guide will save a future surveyor LOADS of time and will effectively make you a problem solver that others appreciate.   


    Let me know if there is ever any ideas, suggestions or feedback that you have for the network.  This is my passion and project to improve the surveying support situation in the industry.  I appreciate you asking.

  • Hi Justin,

    Like what you're doing here and would like to join in. Been at this for 30+yrs and ran a lot of crews in Denver. Solo now in Buena Vista, Colorado and loving it. Worked at Doyle's side for 17 yrs and he taught me a bunch about boundaries & sections. I've found a couple of corners that haven't been seen in a while and wrastled over corners that I did not find. Not good at this network stuff but I've got a lie or two to share. Advice?

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