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Update: Find the newest Land Surveying Company Template here

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Free Surveying Company Website Site Template

Every land surveying company needs a website right?  Economic times are tough all over, so many surveying companies are struggling just to stay afloat, right?  Well I have thought long and hard about this and came up with a free solution for you ALL!  Behold I give you a free, highly customizable, 7 page surveying company site template, themed specifically with land surveyors in mind.   All you need is a gmail account and you are good to go!  

A Promise:If enough of you decide to use the template and leave comments below this post, I will follow up with all the instructions you need to customize this website by yourself and map it to your domain, free of charge.

Click on the image below to see the details of all customizable elements on the site template.

Site Template Features:

  • Seven Page Website for land surveying companies [Home,About,Contact,Connect,What's New,Services,Equipment]
  • Easy to edit and update with little or no web design experience whatsoever WYSIWYG Editor
  • Integrated Blog for company announcements which automatically show on home page
  • Managed right through your google account, secure backend included.
  • Replace virtually every aspect of this template with your own images, branding and company details
  • Easily map this template to any domain that you already own (more instructions on how to do this coming soon)


Instructions to get started:

1) Log into your Gmail account

2) Go to this page to apply this template to a new site on Google Sites

3) Choose your site name and description (pick something simple- later I will show you how to map the entire site to your own domain in less than 5 minutes)

4) Start editing your contents on each page to match your own branding and company information

That's It!


NOTE: The only thing I request is that somewhere within your site you keep a link back to Land Surveyors United so that other surveyors will know about this valuable resource.


If you decide to use this free template, please drop a link to your site below in the comments along with any questions you have regarding customization, images, etc.   I am also available for logo design services or advanced customization of your website if you find that you need assistance. If you simply do not care for this design and would like something different all together, get in touch with me and lets discuss. I've personally built close to a hundred of these sites for small businesses, so the possibilities are endless....and my services will always be affordable for LSU members.  I understand times are tough and this site is being provided to land surveyors in order to ease the burden of having to pay a web developer to design something for your company.  If you find this to be valuable to your surveying company,you might consider dropping a donation to Land Surveyors United in whatever amount you can afford, which will of course go back into the further development of this network.

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  • Hi can use the new template here  

    Surveying Company Website Template
    A fully customizable surveying company template provided by Land Surveyors United support network.
  • WOW this is simply wonderful, i am really interested and as i said a long time ago ,i will love u to take me through the basics, or let me have the template so i can start now....

  • im guessing you guys all got the new template

    Surveying Company Website Template
    A fully customizable surveying company template provided by Land Surveyors United support network.
  • I have a new version of this Free Surveying Website coming out within the next 2 days...a whole new template with more options..

  • If you would like your site to appear under a custom domain URL that you control, such as, you can have your site appear at that URL by going through a process known as mapping your site. Then, as people navigate your site, they will remain on unless they click an external link.

    To point visitors to this new URL, you might also have to make changes to your CNAME record, which controls what aliases are associated with your domain.

    Mapping your site toward your custom URL

    How you map your site to a custom URL depends on whether you are using Google Sites through Google Apps. You can tell if you are using Google Apps because the URL of your site will have "/a" after (for example,

    Changing your CNAME record

    Depending on your domain registrar, you may need to make changes to your CNAME record in order for your site to be mapped:

    1. Sign in to the site where you control your own site with custom URL.
    2. Navigate to your Domain Name Server (DNS) management page. The location and name of this page varies by host, but can generally be found in the Domain Management or Advanced Settings section.
    3. Find the CNAME settings and in the section 'CNAME value or alias,' enter the sub-domain you'd like to map the URL to. The sub-domain for would be www.
    4. Set the CNAME destination to the following address:
    5. Save your changes with your domain host.

    Notes about changing your URL

    'Address already used' error when mapping

    If you're receiving an error that reads, "This address is already being used," you'll need to verify that the URL isn't mapped to another site.

    Check the settings in the service control panel of your desired URL to see if it has already been mapped to another site.

    Example Domain
  • Ok I got the template on google mail, now how do i map to my domain?

  • Whoa!  Nice...  if you'd like to see a fully customized version of this template which is rocking in search engines, check out  B and B Surveying Company of Houston Texas   Their site rocks!
  • nice very interesting . you can count on me!!!
  • One thing I forgot to mention about these websites...they are also mobile friendly and come already optimized for cell phone access...just thought I'd throw that in there
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