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ePalmetto Creates A Store Which Accepts Offers

New ePalmetto Store
A Surveyor-Centric Equipment Store which Accepts Offers
Many of you who have bought equipment from Palmetto Equipment and Supply in the past know that ePalmetto is no stranger to innovation in the surveying industry. They also happen to be completely comfortable putting themselves in the place of the everyday land surveyor. Times are is scarce and unlike many surveying equipment distributors, Skip would rather not constantly bombard you with shiny new equipment, when for many it is hard just to keep what you have working. So today I introduce to you an entirely new type of surveying equipment store. Behold, I give you the NEW ePalmetto Store! This new store, may just be the only truly affordable equipment store anywhere on the web.

What Makes this Store Different?

Its not an ebay store. Its not a shopping cart. Its not a sales pitch. This store is A) being updated daily with equipment and supplies from ePalmetto's Charleston, SC office, as they are presently clearing the shelves and going 100% online with their supplies, support and services. B) The way that this store works is like this: Pick and item, consider our asking price, Submit a reasonable offer that you can afford and Save! Skip says "We feel that the only way to truly support a surveyor in these times, we must take every measure towards putting ourselves in surveyor's shoes." With that said, you might like to bookmark this store and share it with your buddies. It is an experiment which LSU stands behind 100% and we feel this store will last for quite a while.
Pick an Item and Submit an Offer

Here are a few notes which I've been asked to pass along to the LSU network. "If you search the store and do not find what you are looking for at this moment, there is a good possibility that we just haven't added it yet...we have a massive amount of inventory in stock and we are adding it systematically. In this case, simply send us an equipment request and we'll be back with you within the day. For those of you who prefer to buy equipment online, we of course have that option for you as well, using google checkout (paypal options starting to be added, as of this morning)."

Other Options To Make a Surveyor's Life Easier
  • ePalmetto offers leasing options for all surveying equipment
  • Have equipment you'd like to sell through ePalmetto's store? Send a note about it...Skip will sell it for you.
  • Need support for the equipment you already have? Join one of Land Surveyors United's dedicated social support forums.
  • Have equipment you'd like to donate to ePalmetto's surveying education initiative in Africa? Check this out.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions, contact Skip and he'll be back in touch with you.
Keep your heads up surveyors! ePalmetto is on the way.... affordable solution for surveyors facing hard times....Bravo!

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  • Thanks Arnel!   Loads of great stuff added just yesterday to the site..let Skip know if there is anything he can dig up for you or any of your surveying buddies..

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  • Hi Justin! This is a great idea!


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