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  • It looks like I did that in the original post. So I am double OK.
  • when you "tag" a blog post you basically write a blog post about a subject related to say "surveying in Oklahoma" for example. Before you hit publish you check over your post and make sure it has a good title, location and then in the area for "tags" just drop an OK in there. That will make that blog post come up anytime someone clicks on OK related blog posts. Tagging is basically a way to group all content on a site together based on a "subject" in this case it is "OK" check out the tag cloud on the front page and you'll see that anytime you click on a tag all related discussions, photos and blog posts related to it come up...
  • Re Comment by Land Surveyor United(Admin): When you say "tag it with OK", what do you mean. I put OK in the tags and thought that was what you meant. It was a test so now that you know more of what I do not know when it comes to this Blog by State idea, I can learn from you how to do it right to be indexed into your system.

    I was looking for a button to reply to your comment but I could not see one and have assumed that I use a comment this way to get you the message quickly. Keep that info flowing and thanks again!!!
  • next time, grace us with a bit of that old school surveying wisdom and tag it with OK so we all know how smart the pros are in Oklahoma..thanks Gary
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