We've finally finished 6 weeks of cutting line in the central Florida swamps for a 100+ acre tract that had almost no open areas. I've been unemployed for 6 months when an old employer called me up and offered me a field position again ... I've been getting soft in the office as a manager for about 5-6 years and he wanted me to head a crew up and go line-cutting. I needed the money badly and jumped on the chance to get back out into the field with gusto. Man how 5 years of sitting on your butt can make you soft!

That is one of the only open areas, our rodman was being a smart-aleck and was smiling because we actually got a chance to see the sun. We had to topo this property on a 100' grid, and I bet if you flew overhead now, you could see our grid ... we cut every line out by machete and occasionally the chainsaw. We did however have the benefit of a Gator to haul equipment in as there was no way our truck could get close.

We saw all kinds of critters out there, a cougar (most people call them Florida Panthers but they are really cougars), wild boar, a bobcat, several eastern diamondbacks, many moccasins, a copperhead, a few pygmy rattlers ... the only things I got a picture of though were a couple of pygmy rattlers and an orb weaver (locals call them banana spiders), this one about the size of my hand or slightly smaller; I couldn't get the camera to focus real well on her.

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Reply by Arnel M. Domag on June 6, 2010 at 2:51pm
This must be a very good and lucrative project. The level of difficulty is so evident.
Reply by Arnel M. Domag on June 6, 2010 at 2:49pm
I wonder how do you protect yourself from snake bites. Do you have specially made surveyor's boots? We don't have it here in the Philippines. I've been looking for that for a year already. I can't find one that is commercially available in our place.

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