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Experience10/08 – Present FNF Construction, Inc. Tempe, AZGM Proving Grounds, Yuma, AZHeavy Highway Construction Staking on U.S. Highway 93 at Hoover Dam.7/08 – 10/08 JL Andrews & Associates, LLC Phoenix, AZLand Boundary field surveys and constructio
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If you haven't yet found a group on LSU to join, I'm going to make this extremely easy for you to choose one. Choose a Support Group that Best Serves You based on Equipment You Use in the field or your geographical location on the planet.

Groups Ba
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1. Log in to Twitter: Sign Up<br /> <br /

2. In your Twitter Settings, Check: geotagging.png

3. Post to Twitter via mobile phone using the Hashtag: #LSUfield.

4. Check our maps for your tweet & wait for responses via Twitter:

This is what we want our Bing/Twitter Map to look l
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Have a look at on the all new CEASER_field program for Engineering and Topographical Surveyors. It runs on any Windows Mobile device and uses the same driver engine used on the older program that ran on the Workabout from Psion, whic

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Send in photos or videos by phone or email

When you joined Land Surveyors United, a unique Add By Phone email address is assigned to your profile on that network. You can use this address to send photos or videos, one at a time, to your LSU. If Twitte
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