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Mr.CAD®Drafting & Design Tools

It is an integrated application for AutoCAD ® making it a powerful tool forSurveyors, Engineers and Architects. It contains facilities for the development of the construction plan from concept to the final plan.

Mr.CAD® Professional Edition

It is a facilitating tool that lets you create construction documents in a simple and fast. It covers a wide range of disciplines in the plane, ranging from Civil Engineering to Architecture. It is a coordinated set of menus, icons

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An attractive social networking Business Profile has all of the components that one might consider putting into a printed flyer. The idea is to make your brand "sharable" across the web and the goal is to have other members or businesses share your profile in ways similar to "word of mouth." So lets look at some of the most important aspects of an attractive business profile for Land Surveyors United.

Official Logo
The most important feature of your profile, by far. You should upload an official l

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We have our Geoeye on you.

About GeoEye

GeoEye is a leading source of geospatial information and insight for decision makers and analysts who need a clear understanding of our changing world to protect lives, manage risk and optimize resources. Each day, organizations in defense and intelligence, public safety, critical infrastructure, energy and online media rely on GeoEye's imagery, tools and expertise to support important missions around the globe. Widely recognized as a pioneer in high-resolution satellite imagery, Geo

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Surveying Jobs CAN Be Found! Here Is The Proof!

Proof the you CAN find a Job in Land Surveying

Today I am going to prove to you that it is possible to find a land surveying job. I have heard too many out-of-work surveyors say that they cannot find employment in their state, despite the fact that they have years of experience, a license and have searched "everywhere."

Today I will show you something that I made to prove this very statement wrong. Hopefully, there will be many out of work land surveyors out there who will use this resource and

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Land Survey Lite Software Community Review

Land Surveyors United is now working with the developers of a new program called "Land Survey Lite," which is ideal for Professional Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers who need an economical software solution. It also provides a low-cost way for Architects to communicate their data to the Engineer.

Download for Free and Submit Community Reviews
If you'd like to participate in a community review of Land Survey Lite, simply download the program for free at the bottom of this post (30 day trail), wit
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1198852513?profile=originalToday, LSU Justin added something to the network (down in the Surveyor Apps bar on site) which may seriously change the game a little bit.  It is a Virtual Surveyors Conference/ Chat Room that can be used anytime for discussing anything you like with your friends and associates here on Land Surveyors United.


How Does the Surveyors Conference Chat Room Work?

Basically, the more connections (friend/associates) you have on Land Surveyors United, the more people you will have available to chat wit

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Interesting article about GPS stations - CORS.

Even underground nuclear tests leave their mark on the part of the upper atmosphere known as the ionosphere, the researchers discovered, when they examined GPS data recorded the same day as a North Korean nuclear test in 2009. Within minutes on that day, GPS stations in nearby countries registered a change in ionospheric electron density, as a bubble of disturbed particles spread out from the test site and across the planet.


Read the complete note: h

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Land Surveyor

Still no surveying jobs

Had an interview last week with DEI in Phoenix.  It was a good  meeting, one of the best I've had since 2008.  However, its still another case of being too expensive - they can't afford much in benefits, no healthcare coverage, and cannot guarantee 40 hrs/wk.  Since I have a regular steady job (which I cannot stand), its a huge risk to go back into surveying to support my family.

I'm growing weary of the wait for the recovery to happen in Arizona.

I see new houses under construction, commercial bu

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With all of the discussion on the web about how cloud computing will change or is changing the land surveying industry, its hard to not wonder who out there (including myself) might be a complete "Dummy" when it comes to all of this new technology. So with that said, I've been doing some research on "Cloud Computing" and came up with a few great resources I want to share. But first, let me show you "Cloud Computing for Dummies."

Read it here on LSU or download it for later:
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I want to give everyone on LSU an update to my last blog post about helping to keep the University of Maine Surveying Engineering Technology Program funded.

In that blog post I told you that the University of Maine (UMaine) had asked that each of its departments cut their budgets, which could have been catastrophic to the UMaine Survey Engineering Technology (SVT) Program.

I'm happy to report that UMaine has decided not to cut the SVT Program after all. In fact, UMaine has asked that the SVT Progr
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A Few Google Maps Features Surveyors Can Use

I've been working a lot with online maps lately (ie LSU Member Map) and I came across a few hidden features for Google Maps that all of my land surveying buddies need to know about.

Distance Measurement in Google Maps Labs

How Do I get to Google Maps Labs?
Glad you asked...just go HERE when logged in to your Google or Gmail account.

Here are a Few More Features you may be interested in:

Google Maps Labs features

And for those surveyors out there who use Google Chrome Browser, here is a nice extension called Select to Get Maps which allows you to sele
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Land Surveyor

Civil 3D Volumes

Does anybody out there know how to get a comprehensive volume report out of AutoCAD Civil 3D.So far I have only been able to get a three line report showing cut, fill and nett but I would really like something a little more intensive.Heres hoping someone out there knows more than me.Thanks for your helpDarrenNoble Consulting SurveyorsSurveying Western Australia
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By now, most of us are aware that we do not need to have a video on our computer to upload it to Land Surveyors United.  You can simply find a video on Youtube, Dailymotion, Hulu or any video site which gives you an embed code and simply share it with your fellow surveyors by embedding it here.  You may have also noticed that inside every post on the network there is a little button for including a video. When you click that you are given the option to embed a video from any video service on the

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I recently was making a new friend on Land Surveyors United and he sent me an email with a quick note implying that the economy wasn’t too good where he worked and jokingly made reference to going “mining” if things don’t pick up. What caught my attention is when he mentioned that 2 months ago he was “flat out” and now has very little work. This didn’t surprise me and I now know, from experience, that this is just the beginning for him, and things may get worse.

If you look at the timeline listed

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Iphone App: Surveyors Leveling Tool


Surveyors Leveling Tool for Iphone

Surveyors Leveling Tool for iphone

If you happen to be one of those tech-savvy surveyors out there who head into the field armed with an iphone, I have new app to tell you about.  We've touched on  the near future release of a full blown mobile iphone version of Land Surveyors United before and even told you about several othersurveying related apps, but this one is exceptional.  It's called Surveyor's Leveling Tool and it could come in handy in the surveying field (provided you carry an iph

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ePalmetto Creates A Store Which Accepts Offers

New ePalmetto Store
A Surveyor-Centric Equipment Store which Accepts Offers
Many of you who have bought equipment from Palmetto Equipment and Supply in the past know that ePalmetto is no stranger to innovation in the surveying industry. They also happen to be completely comfortable putting themselves in the place of the everyday land surveyor. Times are rough..money is scarce and unlike many surveying equipment distributors, Skip would rather not constantly bombard you with shiny new e
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New "Land Surveyors" Theme for Google Chrome Browsers

Are you using Google Chrome browser yet?  If not, you should be-especially if you have been using Internet Explorer browser which is being phased out of development.  If so, I have a gift for you today.  Behold I give you the first ever Google Chrome Browser theme for Land Surveyors.   


"Land Surveyor Theme" for Google Chrome

Made from a combination of traditional surveying related colors and a brilliant photo taken and submitted by a fellow Land Surveyors United member Domingo Palnac of Dubai

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We all run into the trouble of needing to convert a file into a different format or need to upload and send a bunch of surveying files to someone and can't figure out the best and fastest way to do it. Here we have some dead simple services for land surveyors to use online for converting documents, distance measurements conversions, file sharing and screen capturing.

HTML-To-PDF-Converteris a very easy to use and free HTML to PDF Converter. It has only an
input and a button. You enter the web addr
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Here are a bundle of land surveying/GPS pdf documents and ebooks that I have found around the web for various methods of connectivity with a variety of cell phones using dial up connections, etc.

Visit this page in the network!

Bookmark this post as this document shelf will automatically update when I find and add new documents.
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