Importance of LiDAR Drafting Services In Different Industries

LiDAR technology acquires data to produce an accurate Digital Elevation Model (DEM). A LiDAR system combines a single narrow laser beam with a receiver system. LiDAR is primarily used to create highly accurate aerial maps. It doesn’t require electromagnetic radiation and records laser pulses that strike the object and get back to the sensor. 

LiDAR is used everywhere nowadays. LiDAR drafting is the most effective in the field of geographical systems. LiDAR has revolutionized terrain mapping and is increasingly used in industries such as urban planning, survey assessment, landscape ecology, floodplain mapping, forest inventory, and environmental engineering. LiDAR drafting has several advantages. LiDAR technology is going to be more powerful in the coming days. 

Some of the advantages of LiDAR Are:

  • LiDAR data doesn’t display the same geometric distortions as the other data types. 
  • LiDAR data can be easily integrated with other data types.
  • It collects accurate elevation data in densely forested areas. 
  • Breakline and contour generation provides the most accurate and reliable representation of topography mapping. 
  • DEM & DTM models are an important part of LiDAR data analysis, it provides highly accurate data. 

LiDAR’s Importance in Different Industries:

 Forest Planning & Management:

 Widely used in forest industries, LiDAR is used to measure the vertical structure of a forest canopy. LiDAR image is used to determine the possibility of a fire in the forest, called fuel mapping. 

 Flood Model:

 Due to its highly accurate information, LiDAR technology is used in flood planning. It’s used to create high resolution and accurate surface models of the rivers. This extracted LiDAR information can be used for 3D       simulation for better planning. 

 Land Mapping:

 DEM is added under all the layers that show the 3D view of the land. DEM is especially added on aerial photography to show the 3D view which makes it easier to build roads, buildings and other infrastructure.


Ground-based LiDAR technology can be used to capture the inside of the house. Especially with the usage of 3D printers and building materials, the construction time is shortened and cost-effectiveness has been increased. 


LiDAR was introduced to the world to gain higher results in terms of accuracy, but it has also proved to be effective in terms of time. The time of LiDAR measurement can be as short as 1 minute. LiDAR data processing is the modern way to collect LiDAR data, which makes your project delivery time so much faster and gives you a high level of accurate results.

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