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GIS Surveyor - The Right Application for the Land Surveying Community

Many land surveyors grew up in the profession and with the changing technology and advancement made in the GPS technology, the field time is reduced considerably, allowing the surveyors to collect the points faster. A typo survey that used to take a 3-man crew and a couple of days can now be performed by one person with an RTK GPS receiver in less than 8 hours.  

“GIS Surveyor” is one such application that can be used to make your survey faster, efficient and error-free. Here are some amazing things you can do using the application.

  • Avoiding Any Error In The Field: Even the tiniest of errors can lead to huge problems down the line, for the surveyors and also for the clients. GIS Surveyor application gives you the complete freedom to depend on it while measuring and mapping, avoiding human error. 
  • Clicking and Exporting Pictures Together With Your Survey: Your survey can be 100% accurate but if it’s not understandable, it’s not worth it. Now, you can encourage your employees and yourself to take as many site photos as possible, while surveying and the best part is, they can directly export their survey data along with the site photos being in the field itself.   
  • Doesn’t Have Limitation of Tools: Imagine a situation where a project site is located in a rural area and you’re unable to access “street view” or the manager has received outdated imagery. This may mean that the manager has to send its crew back to the site or visit it personally to answer any questions the designer has with the survey. With the GIS Surveyor, as you can export everything together with various formats, there won’t be any doubts regarding the survey or location.  

From a fellow surveyor “The current technology that most of my colleagues and myself use for the survey requires various workarounds to serve our needs. Such makeshift solutions don’t offer me the ease of use that I need to streamline the topographic survey process.”

The GIS Surveyor makes GIS Data Handling and land surveying easy and convenient. Not to forget, it also saves you from doing the extra work as a surveyor.

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I am land surveyor and passionate about new technologies. I am always in learning mode. I was born as an Entrepreneur and keep growing myself as being an IT entrepreneur. I have More than 17 Years of experience in Information Technology and Architect solution, Software services, Mobility, LiDAR Data Processing, GIS Mapping, and CAD Drafting.

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