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Let me make this simple for you.   For all of the land surveyors seeking employment inside the community, I am going to show you how to embed your resume inside your profile in 2 quick steps (add a 3rd step if you have a Linkedin Profile- but will work with any resume).  This will make it much easier for Recruiters to find you.


Step One:  Go to your profile on Linkedin and export a PDF version of your profile like so:



Step Two:  Find the text box inside your Land Surveyors United profile and click Edit, then add the following block of code to the HTML version of the block like so:


Code to Use- Copy and paste the following code into your text box: 

<iframe src="https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=!&embedded=true" frameborder="0" height="500px" width="100%"></iframe>


Notice the exclamation point after url=   that is where you are going to paste the link to your pdf after uploading it in the last step.


Step Three:  Now Upload your PDF to the Text Box inside your Land Surveyors United using the paperclip icon > Copy the file URL it gives you and then click cancel.  > Then paste the URL you just copied in the place where the (!) is inside the code block. 


Then press save. You are done.


Be sure to follow @SurveyingJobs and the Surveyor Jobs Board for the latest employment opportunities for land surveyors.  There are currently over 13k jobs.


Now comment below to let us know you have your resume embedded inside your profile so recruiters visit your profile.


UPDATE:  We've added a question to your profile which asks "Is your company for hire?" and if you state yes, you can use the HTML box inside your profile to embed company information and link to company website.

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