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Hello everyone,

We are finally turning the page for our community and moving to a much better, more organized and user friendly platform. We have outgrown the old platform.  This is a note to let you all know that over the next 3 days, we will be migrating all of the content on the existing platform to the new and improved Land Surveyors United community with much greater functionality, mobile responsiveness and much more. If you experience glitches or bugs between now and Wed. or Thurs. this is why.... we are moving 2 million+ pages to the new platform and server. Luckily, Justin has been building the new platform for over 3 years and we finally have the opportunity to move.

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You should not worry about your content such as photos, videos, discussions, blog posts and groups as they will be migrated for you and should still be connected to your profile with the exception of just a few things.


Content you have liked or saved to your profile will not migrate to new platform. Photo albums will not migrate but the photos themselves will. Comments you have left on other surveyor's profiles will not migrate. Virtual gifts you have given to other members on their profiles will not migrate.

New Land Surveyors United Community Platform- visit your profile


If you would like to download or archive your content to your computer as a personal copy, you can do so here:

Click to view your favorite sections you have Liked on landsurveyorsunited..com:


Click to view your favorite sections you have Liked on landsurveyorsunited.com:

When the migration process has finished, we will shut down the old site and you'll be able to sign into the new community with your existing credentials.


Please contact Justin with any questions at landsurveyorsunited-AT-gmail.com.

Note: Land Surveyors United current platform should function as normal during the entire process.

We look forward to seeing you all on the other side.

Land Surveyors United Community!

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