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We are here to learn from your experiences in land surveying.  Here at Landsurveyorsunited.com We are always looking for experienced land surveyors who can write good original quality articles and fresh tutorial ideas or surveying industry news, all the time.
If you are interested then we’d like to hear from you.

What kind of topics are we looking for?

We looking for surveying tutorials and field guides for learning new skills and developing LSU platform, news about surveying industry and articles about general surveying Tips and tricks.

In terms of the topics; anything that fits in the topic of land surveying or how-tos for the field,
Take a look at the sorts of posts published here,

  • General surveying tutorials
  • Surveying tricks.
  • Lessons learned in the field.
  • New product ideas or reviews of surveying products
  • Surveying news and opinions
  • And so on, any related content….
The Rules

Unfortunately, there are always rules

  • The tutorial must be unique and not copied.
  • Always credit your sources
  • You should always show a demo if needed.
  • It is ok to link to your own website if it is relevant to do so (eg. some times max link to our color codes generator tool). However, you should not write articles around topics to justify a link to your website and you should not actively encourage visitors to visit your website. Remember, you get a link to your blog at the bottom of your posts and the links are clearly visible so that your site gets exposure.
  • No affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in articles.
  • Your surveying tutorial or post must be well-arranged and if you write a tutorial it’s better to make it in numbered steps.
    this page is a good example for what we need, you can see headers , What kind of topics are we looking for? , The Rules and so on.
  • If you should send some images with your tutorial please note that it’s width mustn’t be larger than 450px.
  • Don’t add any water marks on the tutorial images.
Would you like to become a regular author?

If you are thinking about writing for LSU more than just 1 tutorial, or you would like to write for LSU in regular basis please let us know, so you can get your own author profile header and be included in the press kit. please see the following image.

landsurveyorsunited.com author profiles

So if you would like to become a regular author please let us know so we’ll create you your own author header image and list you or your company (or both) in our up-coming directory of notable land surveying authors- and then you can send us your tutorials and posts.

Or you can always be a one or two time writer and gain exposure for the topics you write about.

Ok, So What you get?
  • If you have an adsense account, We’ll place your adsense ad block in all your posts so you can earn some $$$.  If your post receives substantial traffic and brings traffic to the site, we will share profits for that month with you on all advertising revenue made for that month.
  • As a network creator owner, i know how important a back-link can be.  When you post your article or tutorial on LSU, you’ll get a direct link to your blog at the bottom of each post.
  • We can discuss another ways to give you more and more if you are a regular and outstanding contributing author.
How does it work?

You contact us with the require info, and if we accepted you in our team, we’ll let you know, then you’ll send us the post and all the tutorial files in a zipped file via our email, and we’ll publish it under your name and profile.

How To get started?

Please contact Justin with the following info.

  • Your Name, will appear as the author name.
  • Your e-mail
  • Your website url
  • Would you like to become a regular author or not?
  • What kind of topics would you like to write about on Landsurveyorsunited.com?
  • 2-4 Sentences About You
  • Your Avatar if possible

Note : please send us the above info using the message feature on Justin's Profile with the subject "Become a Writer for LSU" and please answer all questions.Copy the questions and paste it then write each answer below its question.