Introducing All of Your Favorite Things!

You're Gonna "Like" This!

Your Land Surveyors United profile isn't simply a photo and name on a web page, it is a living archive of your professional career and all of the things you like about surveying.  With that said, take a look at this special page attached to your profile.  Introducing the "My Likes" page, otherwise known as your favorites!  You can find it in the navigation under My LSU.

all of your favorite surveying related content

What is this page?

how to favorite surveying related contentMuch like the status update pages on your profile, your favorites page is a subpage of your profile. On this page, you will find a collection of all content on the network that you have favorited, archived by month and year.  You can also visit the profile of other surveyors on the network and see what types of content that they have added to their favorites.  This is how we become more familiar with each other.  This is how you can further define your specific niche in the industry.  This is how we become a more organized community of professionals.


A Global Community of Professionals

Obviously we will never be able to meet all of our associates on Land Surveyors United in person, face to face.  Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that we cannot have solid understanding of each others' strengths and weaknesses.  Every community is comprised of individuals who counterbalance each others' attributes in order to build strength in numbers.  When bonds between members become stronger, the community gains strength. We don't all need to be experts at everything, when we have someone on call who is!


In short, click favorite on things you like and every now and again, take a look back at your My Likes pageto see how defined you have become.



Last updated by Jaybird Aug 1, 2012.

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