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Surveying as a Community in Real Life

You may or may not have heard about our recent partnership with Surveying.org  Today, if you visit http://surveying.org and click on LSU Member Map in the right hand sidebar, you will see our member map appear.  This is a static version of our member map.  Soon, this will be converted into a dynamic surveyors map which updates every time you update your status on Land Surveyors United.  So, for example, if you are surveying in Cape Town South Africa and you update your status, say from your mobile device (http://landsurveyorsunited.com/m) you will be able to see it show up in Africa.  It will be like the entire community is 'surveying together'.   The same will go for photos and videos uploaded to the network, so please pay special attention to geolocating your uploaded media.  If you already have photos uploaded to the network, you can simply go back and edit them to include geolocation and detailed descriptions.


I don't believe that I need to tell you that this is yet another first-of-its-kind breakthrough for the surveying industry.  And it will become a valuable feature as Land Surveyors University progresses.


If you haven't yet began experimenting with the all new Land Surveyors United "Mobile Rover", i encourage you to give it a try.  Our mobile version works on all devices and makes it incredibly simple to interact with your location based group forums and share information right from the field.


Tips for Ensuring Your Information on the Member Map is Correct:

~Head over to your profile settings and make sure your location is correct.  It should either be in Lat/Long (which you can get from our Geopicker) or City/State/Country

~Be sure to tell the other surveyors a bit about yourself so that your place marker isn't blank

~Post status updates from your mobile device often and when you upload photos, tell us as much information as you can regarding the subject and location of the photo.

Last updated by SurveyEarthinaDay Aug 19, 2012.

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