Add Surveyor Support Tab To Your Facebook Page

A Facebook App for Land Surveyors

If you have a Geo-Related Facebook page which you maintain, such as our Land Surveyors United page, I have devised a simple way to add a layer of support for your members, fans and survey crew(if you are a surveying company with a page). Simply go to the following link and choose your page to add a miniature version of the LSU network app as a tab on your page.


Simply Click this link while logged into facebook and choose your page:


How-to Step by Step

Clicking the link above takes you to a page which looks like this:

Choose your page and click "Add Tab"

Now head over to your page and take a look at your page tab icons and reorder them as you wish.

What Is this App?

This app is simply a quick access to mini versions of many of the most important resources on the network, such as the Jobs board, the Surveyors Quick Shop (packed with surveying books, safety gear, discounted gadgets and virtually all things online for surveyors), quick links to location based surveyor support groups and equipment support.  You can of course view the app before adding it to your page here.

What are the Benefits of Adding This To Your Page?

  • Connected to the largest network of land surveyors on the planet
  • It's the #1 app on Facebook for Land Surveyors and First in Search Engines
  • It shows that you care and support your employees, fans and associates
  • It will allow your associates to find support for equipment from ANYWHERE
  • Like the Mobile Rover, it is accessible from any mobile device
  • Its getting better and better everyday!
  • It's Free!

Screenshots of the Current Application

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Last updated by Jaybird Feb 22, 2013.

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