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I am Arnel M. Domag of nth geographics and geometrics. nth is a civil/survey/mapping, design, GPS, CAD/CAE, AM/FM/GIS, software development office. My office was once choses as Autodesk Systems Center (ASC) for Mindanao region.
nth geographics and geometrics
I have experience with the following
Cadastre, Topographic, Hydrographic, Boundary, Construction Staking, Control Surveying, Mine Monitoring, Volume Surveying, Roadway/Route Surveying, Alignment Surveying
How many years have you been surveying?
Most comfortable with the following types of instrumentation
Total Stations, GPS, Surveying Software

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  • Choudhary Ghulam Murtaza

    hi mr arnel

    i need a little help 

    i have trimble R6 with TSC2

    i want to make localization(is the site calibration is localization)

    how can see during RTK survey real time co ordinates



  • elias ali

    hi  arnel how are you

  • gilbert sosi

    Hello can please share some of the surveying excel sheet resources you have. my email is [email protected]