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I am here because I am a.
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I am a self-motivated Geomatics Surveyor with a wide range of experience in Construction (Engineering survey), Topographic survey, Site supervision and Management, and all aspects of Geo-spatial work. I have a good knowledge in instruments like Total stations(Leica, Topcorn, Sokkia and Kolida), GPS, Digital level and Optical level and also software’s like CAD, ArcGIS, Surfer and other computer packages, along with organizational skills and excellent leadership and inter-personal communication skills.. I am a graduate surveyor and i have worked for four years.
Altruinco Services Limited (Survey and Mapping Consultant)
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GPS, cadastral, topographic, boundary surveys, construction staking, topographic surveys, control network surveys, GIS, Survey Office, Construction, Surveying Jobs Recruiter
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Total Stations, GPS, Surveying Software, Automatic Levels, theodolite

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  • Richard U. Uche

    Thanks for the acceptance am very much excited to be here. I hope we share great ideas in this noble profession.

  • Pavel Biba

    Thank you very much!