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  • basharat hussain

    can any body give me information about leica geo office working
  • Arnel M. Domag

    Hi Basharat!

    You can simply visit www.leica.com.

  • Scott D. Warner, PLS

  • AR Deraman

    Hello, I'm attemping to add a second rover to my exsiting Leica SR530 base and rover set.Here's the current scenario:

    1) Have SR530 base and rover set with Satel2Asx (Freq 430-450)

    2) Acquired another SR530 with Pacific Crest PDL (Freq 450-470, receive only)

    3) Acquired Pac.Crest RFM96W 2W in GFU6 casing (rx&tx Freq 450-470)

    The idea is to have the base running both the Satel and RFM96W so I could get the two rovers running. Did a trial run yesterday and the pacific crests were not communicating (expected since the radios were acquired seperately hence freq. setting & protocol most likely be off -hopefully I'll get the cable & software to fix this in the next couple of days). 

    Meanwhile I am hoping if anyone here had attempted something like this before and could offer some insights, especially with regard to the settings etc..TIA





  • Supawatt kan

    Thank for joints