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  • Seeking Employment

    Load parameter to TPS1100

    Hey guys.How do you edit the parameters file so I could customise it before I load it (.par) to my TPS11OO?

    By Maciej Michalak


  • Seeking Employment


    Hello my friends.Is there anyway to convert TPS1200 CODELIST .OCE to a TPS1100 CODELIST  .Frt?

    By Maciej Michalak

  • Leica TCRA 1103 application licence code

    Hi all,I have recently purchased a Leica 1103 TCRA. Although the instrument has all the applications loaded only some are activated via a licence code. In particular the Traverse application is not activated via the code. Does anyone have these license codes that would be willing to pass them on?…

    By Jim.oneill7

  • Survey Data Miss match

    Hey Surveyors!I have surveyed a land about km square with complected details(roads, streets, buildings, T-Walls, Manholes, Corners etc) but with no traverse extension at the first, now when i have completed it and reached to the first area I was starting from and measuring with the data come from…

    By Mohammad Salem

  • Edit GPS observation in LGO?

    We set our Leica System 1200 GPS base station on a new control point using the WGS'84 coordinate system and hit a "here" key thus receiving a Lat/Long/Ell. Ht. for that point.  Then we spent all day tying the boundary and new site control to be post-processed and brought to state plane coordinates,…

    By Kevin Gaunt, L.S.I.T.

  • Leica GPS900 radioproblems, system last used 2008

    I am setting up this discussion for one of our members from North Carolina, who is in Kuwait. He is Kevin Hollar, and kevin is on a project where he was                               given a hand- me -down LEICA GPS900 RTK system. Plus it hadn't been turned on since 2008. Kevin has charged every…

    By ePalmetto

  • TS06 Newbe Question

    Hello, I just purchased a Lieca TS06 Plus and unboxed it.  I am used to older Topcon total stations that have  horizontal and vertical locking knobs that serve to either lock the horizontal/vertical movement and also finely turn the total station.The TS06 knobs finely turn the total station, but…

    By John Graham

  • Leica CS20

    Anybody can help me with adding background images into the Leica CS20 handheld?

    By Tyler Springer

  • RTK Leica GX1230 with GFU7(Siemens M20)

    Am trying to use the old fashioned RTK with GSM. I use a GX1230 with Siemens M20 (GX1230 Tech Ref Manual lists M20 as a supported model). Connected the M20 to Port1, configured the Real Time Interface with Port1 and Siemens M20 that shows up by default in Smartworx with factory default AT commands.…

    By Ragavan D

  • Weark Signal Error 1292 in Leica TPS 407

    Greetings to all Surveyors around the world,I have been have this problem with my Leica TPS 407 Total Station when I try to take measurements, It displays 'Weak Signal Error 1292'. I have even change New Battery and tried different Prism but still It does not take measurement.Please Help me out…

    By Aminu Abdul