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  • Post a Surveying Job Opportunity
    Land Surveyors United Community is a place where qualified land surveyors can find work, enhance their skills and network for professional development. If you have a land surveying related job anywhere in the world, this is the place to post it.

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  • Surveyor Seeking Employment
    Help the community match you with an employer. Use this form to upload your resume and share with our team to match you with potential employers and recruiters.

    About You

    Tell us where you are and your brief background in Land Surveying. Your Land Surveyors United Profile is a great place to not only elaborate on your experience by sharing photos, videos and discussions, you can also embed your resume inside your profile (instructions). You can also create a quick resume here to upload in the last part of this form. Be sure to set your profile to "Seeking Employment" so recruiters and employers can easily find you.

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    You can go here to find your profile URL. Then come back here and paste it.

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    What type of job are you seeking? Where are you hoping to work?

    What type of position are you looking for?
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    Any additional information that you would like to tell potential employers

    Editing Your CV Resume
    This is a sample resume set up just for land surveyors. This will come in handy in a pinch. Click any field to edit/ replace existing dummy content. Use Tab key to go to next input box. You can add/remove any element you like. Also pay attention to the page break. Press CTRL+P to save as PDF! Here is a short video for how to use the tool.

    How to Save Resume
    Also pay attention to the page break. Press CTRL+P to save as PDF! Once you save your PDF to your computer, use the code provided below to embed your resume into your profile.

    What to Do With Your New Surveyor CV
    Embed the PDF into your Community Profile for employers and recruiters to see. Upload photos and start discussions which demonstrate your experience in land surveying, whichwill attract recruiters to your profile, thus having access to your credentials and Resume for hiring considerations. Get creative... reverse the job search by adding yourself as a reverse job post on the Jobs Board.

    HTML Code to Add to Profile
    Find the box/tab inside your profile and copy/paste the following code into your editable HTML box. Then upload your PDF file and replace the section with your URL like I did in the tutorial.


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