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Topcon FC-4 Manual Request

Would anyone happen to have a user manual for an older (c.1990) Topcon FC-4 controller/data collector? I recently picked one up and need to know what DRAM card to purchase for it and any pertinent specifics for interfacing it with my GTS-3b. Thanks s

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Topcon DS-105AC & Survey Pro?

Has anyone had any luck connecting Survey Pro to a DS-105? I have been told the 100 series' isn't compatible, but the 200 series is. We have used TDS and Survey Pro for 15 years and really like it. Recently we acquired a DS-105AC that came with a FC-

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Topcon OS Series 103 Manual

Hi All, am new to this topcon os 103 series. Can someone help me with the manual?Also I got a problem with setup coz every time when I try to center the bubble in electric level, the bubble in the circular level is out of range..Am not really sure if

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DWG file to 3DMC

Hello everybody!

first of all, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to write here my questions and doubts about Topcon devices.

I will try to explain what is my problem here below...

I have a DWG file which contains just a 3d polyline, but

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Topcon GTS 250 manual ???


I am in need of a user manual for the Topcon GTS 250 urgently 

if Any one out there can assist me  please email me at

I need it for training purposes 


Rolita from  the Southern tip  of Africa (Cape Town, South Africa)

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