On the Importance of Adding Location to Your Photos

You may have noticed our Surveying Photos Categories page or our page for photo feeds(RSS) based on subject tags you add to your photos when you upload them. If you have added surveying photos to the network, the importance of adding a geolocation to your images cannot be understated.  Not only will your photos show up in your local group hub when they are tagged properly, they can also be imported via GeoRSS and represented inside a map, like so:
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As you can see, the locations of our photos could use a little work.  This is the responsibility of each and every one of us on the network.  Please help us tighten up the locations of our photos on the network by editing your photos, adding geolocations and make them meaningful for your fellow members.  Adding proper titles, tags, descriptions and locations to your photos will ensure that other members do not see you as lazy and will improve your overall presence as a professional land surveyor online.  Take pride in your work!

Adding a Geolocation to your photos is Simple

1) Go back to a photo you have uploaded to the network

2) Add /edit to the end of the URL of that photo's page

3) Now you should see a screen like this:

If you happen to be among the members who have uploaded photos and left them with the default file name from your camera (like DSC88009), you are not only making the network look bad, you're making yourself look incredibly lazy.   The idea is to help each other, represent the surveyors in your location and share your hard work with the network and the world.  I'm sure that you will agree that NO ONE will ever search google for a photo of DSC88009, so be mindful of the titles and attributes of your uploaded photos and your fellow surveyors will thank you for it.

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