Let us know what is working, or not, for you.If you get a chance check out this post entitled, “Novel Approach for Collecting Past Due Invoices” found on the American Surveyor Blog written by Gene LaNier. I think it’s not only humorous, but it could be highly effective in getting you paid.If nothing else, you will know where you stand. If this letter doesn’t make your client hear his conscience calling and respond with a payment then you’ll definitely know that you will have trouble collecting this debt.

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  • Very nice letter.
    I have found a quick phone call to my client explaining that he will have four or five machines standing still for an indefinate time, after I go and pull all his pegs out and tell my collegues that this client is "not a payer" discouraging them from taking up his work, seems to work wonders, payment generally comes within a few days.
    When they think about how much its going to cost them to have machines idle.. they tend to figure that their survey bill is quite cheap.

    Noble Consulting Surveyors
    Surveying Western Australia
    • With Topo's it is a bit harder getting money out of the client. You would think it would be easier living on a small Island, but having contacts higher up the food chain seems to work.
      Site Engineering is a different matter. Construction people only understand one thing, action.
      Therefore my advice, and what usually works for me, give the project or contract manager a call while you are kicking out your pegs in full view of his/her site manager. When they scream at you, brandish your t&c's in their faces and calmly mention that all marks. pegs and control stations are yours until they pay for it. Its amazing how fast you get cheques with wet ink!!

      Any comments welcome
      AW Associates
      Isle of Man
      British Isles
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