What are your best marketing ideas?

It's often not given enough of our time and energies, but what are your best marketing ideas? I've been in business long enough to recognize that marketing and developing relationships are critical to your success.Often, we are "too busy" when work is plentiful, and "too poor" when work is slow, to "do marketing". So tell us what works for you-maybe considering low cost ideas!

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  • I was hired this week to do a FEMA Elevation Certificate by a guy that found my firm's website from our state surveyor's society page. If you're a member of your state's surveyor's society, see if they have a links page and get your website on it. If they don't have one, suggest that one be added.

    There are two benefits to this. First, it enhances your professional image if they find you from the state organization. Second, these organizations will typically rank much higher than individual firms in search engine results. So potential clients searching the web are much more likely to look there first.
  • Hunt, scratch, county and local government meetings.
    • Trey,

      Simple and good advice. One easy thing I've done, which I forgot until your reply, is to leave a business card (or a few) in the records vault at city/town halls. Sometimes there is message board/information area, etc., where you can leave your card. I know this has gotten me some work when someone starts to look into their deeds.

      I would also recommend getting to know the people who work there. A good rapport with them may get you a referral.
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