Transmission Line Surveys - An example for the world

The technical specifications covers detailed survey including routealignment, profiling, tower spotting, optimization of locations, check survey,contouring, and soil investigation for the transmission lines


Detailed Survey using GPS, Total Work stations, long range scanners &Digital theodolites of reasonable accuracies or alternatively using ALTM(Airborne Laser Terrain Modeling) techniques, inter-alia including :i. Digitised profiling along the selected route along with plan details.ii. Computer aided tower spotting & optimizationiii. Soil resistivity measurement along the route

Preparation of Survey reports including estimation of Bill of Quantities,identification and explanation of route constraints (like Forest,Animal/Bird sanctuary, reserve coal belt areas, oil pipe line/undergroundinflammable pipe lines etc.), infrastructure details available enroute etc.


Route Alignment2.1 Wherever the route Alignment has already been carried out for the line usingsatellite imageries of NRSA (PAN & LISS-III merged product) and Survey of Indiatopographical maps (scale 1:50000), any changes necessitated during executionstage in the route alignment, same shall be carried out by the contractor usingsatellite imageries / topographical maps.2.2 Requirement of Transmission Line Routing (for changes if any necessitated onaccount of site constrains etc.):2.2.1. The Re-alignment, if any required, of the transmission line shall be mosteconomical from the point of view of construction and maintenance. The contractorshall identify & examine alternative route alignments and suggest to the Owner theoptimal route alignment.2.2.2. Routing/Re-routing of transmission line through protected/reserved forest areashould be avoided. In case it is not possible to avoid the forests or areas having2.2.3. large trees completely, then keeping in view of the overall economy, the routeshould be aligned in such a way that cutting of trees is minimum.2.2.4. The route should have minimum crossings of Major river, Railway lines

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