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Hello there guys.  I have experience running an s3 total station, an s6, and various leicas like 403, 1103, Ts06, but I recently purchased this older gun the 5603 robotic.  It came with no literature and there isn't a lot on the net.  I have not used cables like this before.  My internal gun battery is no good, so I have an external.  I want to hook up my tsc3 to the gun and bypass the acu.  I didn't have the needed cables to make with work until a few days ago, see the pics below for what I have now.  My question is, since I have an external battery, the controller and batter must enter the gun at the same point shown in the second picture.  My question before I fry my gun is, so I have the connections listed correctly in that picture for that 3 way adapter.  Tsc3 and batter plug in on one end, then the other end of the adapter which is a 9 pin, has a cord connecting to it, then that connection plugs into the gun as pictured?  I have not seen this arrangement before.     Do you guys have any other tips I should know about when I try to hook this up?  Thanks so much.








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Excuse the grammar mistakes above, I should have proof read it first.


One error in the cable picture, it should say the "bottom end goes to the battery" 


Are you using the 5603 as a robot or conventional gun? The 3 way plug you show is for your computer connection.  You will need either a single battery adapter or a triple battery pack. You need to have power and data connections. Your 9 pin to 4 pin goes from your TSC3 to the adapter, you will need a 4 pin to 4 pin from the other port on the adapter to the instrument, you will need a single battery or the triple battery pack which has the extra ports on it. you will need that to put it in robotic mode also.

Hey there my friend thank you for the response.  If you click on the picture it will become bigger and the writing I put on it more readable.   In fact look at the attached pic and note the blue writing on it. now I would be happy to use it as a conventional gun. Lets have this discussion as this being for a conventional connection. I believe I have all the parts now to use it as a robot but we can leave that for another day.


I have a tsc3 with trimble access 2013.  I have a cable that is 9 pin on one end, and a 4 pin hirose on the other connect that I'm thinking connects into the adapter as shown.


I also have an external battery, in the picture it shows a cable with a black and red end that plugs into the battery, on the other shown is a 4pin hirose.  I was thinking that goes to the adapter as shown.  I was also hoping on the other end of the adapter(on the left side, with only one connection shown, cable(double hirose 4 pin) goes from this adapter to the gun.  In this cable would carry both power and controller info to the gun.


If this is not right could someone please explain how I hook up power and the controller to the gun through its one port on the bottom?  Maybe include a pic. Thank you so much.

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I've recently started using a trimble s8 total station and I'm having problems completing calibration steps. I can't understand the instruction in the manual for adjusting the trunnion and I'm not able to calibrate the auto locking because the instrument is not allowing me to manually center the cross-hire on the target even if I disable auto lock before starting the calibration routine. I need some advice can you or anyone else help me.


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