Hey guys,

I'm trying to get my trimble style sheet to put my atribute before my code in the output.

code= settlement plate condition -->only 8 different conditions      K01

attribute= settlement plate number -->about 250 plates                1206

if i use the standard xls I found i reads 

pt,  code    attr    x           y          z     

1  ,  K01 , 1206 ,  1000,   1000,   ,1000  

but i need it to be 

1,  1206K01 ,1000 , 1000 , 1000. 

removing the comma between 1206 and K01 isn't a problem. thats just using textpad or something similar

having to relocate complete kolloms is to much editing and i would rather have my trimble do that.

thanks in advance.

Lourens Pepping 

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Hi Lourens,

I'm not sure about changing the stylesheet, but this would be a simple task in Excel. Export your data to .csv and then use a concatenate function: 


Once you have used the concatenate function on a "separate" column, you can use "paste as value" to save the results permanently into your desired column and this should sort out your problem.


Thank you for the information, that should work.

do you also happen to know if it's possible to make a macro in excel (like you can do in notepad) so you just press a button and magic happens?

Hi Lourens,

Yes, you will be able to record a macro to do this. You can read http://support.microsoft.com/kb/213477 . I would suggest that it would be easier to record yourself completing the process with some "live" data, and then saving that file as a template, of sorts.

Then when you have new data, you will need to:

1) Save the new data into a new file

2) Load your "template" file

3) run the macro contained in your template in your new file.

You may have to google this to get a better understanding of what I mean, but the process will be as I have explained.


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