Hello there

I am very happy to have found this website and hope somebody is able to help me with the following:

I bought an TOPCON GTS-6B from a company that sells refurbished units and I have not been able to download my data files to a laptop. The provided manual (a scanned copy, very basic & limited) does not cover this subject at all. I need to solve this problem in the next couple of days but unfortunately we just entered a bank weekend Holiday. 

There is a 64 SRAM card inside the unit that stores the data, and I have been provided with a RS232 to USB connection cable. When I connect the total station and computer, my device manager (Windows 10) recognises there is a RS232-USB connection present. (at least that's the ONLY positive thing)

I have also been provided with a very old piece of software (1999) called T-COM version 1.1 which only shows download options for these machines:  1] GTS-700/710/800 and 2] GTS210/310/1000,

The GTS-6B is not showing here but I assume it should still work?  When I click download (either 1 or 2) the program just responds with ("download in progress" (which shows for less than a second)...and then showing:..."no response")

I suspect that I somehow need to use item [MENU page 3/3] as the following options are displayed


I guess I need to select 2: (as I want to communicate with a computer?) , from there I get to the next screen showing:


When I select 1: it brings me to the next screen and shows  1: DATA1.D which should be my data file. When I select it and click START it says "sending" but I don't know where its sending it to as I cant see an option to set the T-COM program into receive mode.

I suspect that if they provided a RS232 - USB cable and software with download options I should be able to directly read the data from the card whilst it is sitting in the Total station.

Somebody told me I better buy a card reader but what type? Its a very old one and only reads TOPCON 64Kb and SRAM, it has 38 pinhole connectors. (female) I have attached some pics. There are no specifications for this card provided and I have no clue what reader would work and what  I should buy (and where, I prefer amazon prime)

I am getting pretty desperate so really hope there is somebody out there able to help me

I would really appreciate it in any case!

Thanks in advance


Kind regards

Michiel Luijken
Based in UK, Portsmouth

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Windows 10 its a trap forma old soft

Try dos emulator like dosbox

But you will need an old machine with XP


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