I’ve been trying to set up an older Leica-Wild TC1010 for a back-up unit. Though the optics and total station functions are very good, I have not had any luck in downloading data. These units could use either a rec module or data cable to collect data. Establishing successful connection via the data cable and TDS software to either an HP48 or Ranger  have been spotty at best (just a beep or two; but no data or error message).

The TDS software lists the TC1000 units as supported and I am now at a loss to figure out why I have had no luck in establishing communication other than possibly the wrong cable pin-outs or a particular communication setting in the total station set up mode.

Are there any old veterans out there who may have some recommendations on what I may try in order to establish communication?

Thank you;


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 Hi Bernie, hope your doing well.

 Can you have the cable tested,and also make sure it is a TDS cable and not a SMI. It maybe just a bad cable.

 Have you tried using setting, New Gun,did you check the Baud rate and Parity to see if they match in both.

If you have a OHMS meter you can check the cable your self. Make sure the Instrument and the Dc both setting are Instrument Enable for Data. Are you using Baud rate 2400 and Parity  even. This all I can think of with out hands on.

Hi Billy, nice to hear from you again.

Yes I had the right settings: baud rate at 2400, even parity, and I'm pretty sure that I had checked that both sides were com. and instrument enabled. I'm using a Leica cable: it's a GEV102  (lemo and RS232 connectors). I'm not sure if that is the correct cable for a TC1010 since it's hard to find specs. for a legacy instrument like that one. All the documentation I can dig up on this gun mainly provides settings and transfer specs. for the REC module and GIF10 Module Reader.

I'll keep searching for a pin out diagram and test the cable. Thanks much for your input Billy!

Best regards;

Bernie Marocco  

 Hi Bernie,

Did not know if you had a manual, so i would send you one. It covers 3 guns . and it's 23.4 MB,

so that is out,hope you have one. 

Best wishes,


Hi Billy;

I have an original hard copy user manual for the T/TC1010/TC1610. Discusses connection to a Leica GRE4 data recording unit; but the connector cable type is not specified.  

Thanks again for your help, Billy




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