How does the 33 handle applying scale factors? Specifically, if I stake out a point 1000' from another, is the SDR staking that point on the ground or grid? Does the SDR "know" I want the 1000' on the ground & apply the inverse factor to stakeout on the ground?
Also, if you apply a scale factor, the road likes to have the same scale factor applied. If you do, it seems like the stationing is calculated by double-applying the scale factor - once by applying it to the grid coords, and once by scaling the station. Is this correct? If not, specifically what is happening?



The SDR assumes that it is a ground distance. Distance X Scale Factor. When you create a job with a scale factor of .998 for example, every shot it going to be multiplied by .998 to arrive at your stored distance.
On the road, it uses the same scale factor as what is set for the job. It does not use independent road scale or anything like that. When you are keying in your road you need to key in ground distances. Otherwise if you are keying in grid distances it will look like it is double applying in the case you have been seeing.

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