Older Recon/TDS 5 how to use

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Older Recon/TDS 5 how to use

Have questions about translate/rotate function cant find on another forum. Other functions also. Is there anyone knows this? I will post first question.

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Older Recon/TDS 5 how to use

Older Recon/TDS 5 how to use

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surveypro using GPT3005 shooting inaccuracies

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Hi all,I have a serious problem. Shooting forsights and baksights for my fellow theodolight user on gridlines, I set a nail on that same gridline. When I attempted to interline on that nail, I…Read more →

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Translate,Rotate and Scale, Recon TDS

Started by Billy Brooks. Last reply by Billy Brooks Oct 1, 2016. 6 Replies

Hi Everyone,For those who are using Recon,most of the time TDS is TDS,You can find similar solutions, even going back to HP 48GX TDS Survey Pro, In the way they work,sure they will be a little…Read more →

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Reply by Billy Brooks on May 10, 2017 at 5:28pm

Hi Joseph, 

There is another TDS/ Recon Group, if you like join it.


Reply by Billy Brooks on May 10, 2017 at 1:06am

 Hi Joseph,

Do you not have a manual to it.There are some button functions but most of it is on the touch screen. TDS is in Menu's there is a screen for this function. I show it to you in PDF just follow my instruction in my discussion. . Picking the points comes from looking at which points have the best distances and Angles 

relationship to the correct calls that is your calculated points. Fitting found surveys to calculated sometimes is not a perfect fit.

But this is where you come in, to find the best one. If they do not fit the calls, then you need to find some that do and that ties to your survey. You also need to to understand this machine first,knowing how to use it. Each menu has a sub menu,when you tap through them you will see how they work,but you need a manual. It will show you how to do this.The points or point of rotation and translation must be the same in both systems,shot and calculated and always make a copy of the original  survey before you do this. Sorry you having a hard time. Keep at it.

once you do it it will be easy next time.

Reply by Joseph Staton on May 9, 2017 at 7:12pm

Hey Billy, Been away a while sorry about that. Hope your doing ok. I did look at it but kinda confused. I can do this all day long on my old software at home. Hard to know what buttons on the recon to push. What points to translate/rotate around. Just don't do it enough to remember. Say you go out to a at&t easement. You use a rover and set 2 gps points. Set up on them and locate property corners not on grid. Or even not using a rover. Create a job on a assumed bearing. I cant figure out what points to translate or rotate around with this recon in either case. Cant get used to pushing buttons I guess and in what order on this.

Reply by Billy Brooks on September 18, 2016 at 9:19pm

Hi Joseph, This is only limited to so many lines, i will answer you on the above discussion, have you looked at it.

Reply by Joseph Staton on September 18, 2016 at 4:36pm

Hey Billy nice to meet ya!! No idea if this is how to respond. Long story but started out with a transit, 2 hundred steel tape and chaining pins. Fid myself with a company has tds pro 5 and gps learning curve am doing ok but translate/rotate on a tds recon with pro 5 kinda stumped some field stuff. I don't want to call on a phone run into a thing I don't know feel like a pest. My cogo/drawing software can do all day long not the same now. I am not sure in the field how to use this function. I do go out most times with a file loaded on the recon but if I have to set a point, not occupy and backsight known points I run into problems. My old software I go to the job pick a point between 2 I think are ok. Locate everything else. Go home and compare the distance from my main points, rotate those to the to the recorded bearing and distance. Then rotate all side shots and other nails I had to set to shoot the rest. I probably don't make no sense this new stuff i'm not sure. I'm so old don't even know why translate is need or what its for.

Reply by Billy Brooks on September 16, 2016 at 3:31am

Hi Joseph, good biblical name, when did you asked this,do you still need help Let me know, i do not have any visual aid, but i can talk you thru it.Most TDS Recons old or new have similar programs.



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