I've pulled a DTM-300 out of the closet after a company merger and I don't have the user manual.  I did a quick field test and found that it needs a vertical/horizontal angle adjustment.  Does anyone have a manual with instructions on how to do a field adjustment?

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Hi Dennis, A friend of mine asked me this  not long ago but it wasn't  on a Nikon.

This was used when you could not or did not have the time to have the instrument  service by a tech.

But in days gone by it has help me a lot. Pegging a Total Station in the field maybe a lost  function

of surveying with today's modern Guns. There are still a lot of older instruments still being used that are just as accurate as today's instruments. I did have the manual for the 300 but it's filed somewhere but I founded the 302 manual,it is very similar I am sure you can use it to help. But this page is at Land surveyors United. I use to know the  short cut keys to do this  but the other works just as well. Look in Chapter 6 page in book #168  also pdf page #188.


Are you not using a Data Collector with the Gun,most have collimation programs to correct this,without correcting the gun. But I agree it is best to correct it. Maybe this manual will help.

Best Regards,


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Thanks Billy!  I don't know how I missed the Land surveyors United page on 'Vertical Zero Datum', but that's exactly what I'm looking for.

Hi Dennis,

Welcome ,to the site .Glad something help.If I find the 300 manual,I will pass it on to you.

I have the real book and the pdf file on a cd somewhere or on a older computer.

The book maybe in storage,since I moved.

I had good luck with the Nikon's I have used.

Is that a Bear and did you take the pic.

Thanks for the shout back,


Thanks again Billy.  With your help, I was able to get into the adjustment mode and do the field calibration.

The picture of the bear was taken by a coworker standing next to me.  Three of us stayed together and let it pass us by about 30ft away along a trail.  It must have been used to people but it sure got our blood pumping.


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