Hii frnds.. hope all doing well... can anybody guide me about arc reference line in NIKON NPL 362 . At starting we need to fill pt1 then tangent angle... which tangent angle we have to input here. Plz make it clear. Thnx
Nayum khan
Land surveyor

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Here are a couple of videos which may help:

and the manual

THNX ...i will check it. Thnx a lot
I checked these videos... these are for basic setup or settings only. I need about arc reference line. Anyway thnx for responding.

 Hi Nayum,

 Do you not have a manual for this TS??? .

First it is in APPs on Program Keys. On Page 92 it shows a example on how to do this. 

I do not know if you can download a copy, maybe but you can view it on line. But if you join then maybe.

This is from SlideShare/ Land Surveyor United.  This is measuring distances and offset values on a arc curve. Is this what you are doing. Let me know if this helps.



PS. sorry I did not see where Survenator had already show you a manual. Look in it on page 92.

Nayum khan thanks how we define the Az1 and Az2 I am confused
Az1 and az2 are tangent .... but this tangent angle is should be measured by the existing point or north? I m confused. I checked both but i didnt get it.

Hi Nayum,

Both AZ1 and AZ2 are forward Azimuths or bearings,your tangent angle is the same as the Radius or Central Angle.it is also the same angle at the PI of the Curve which is not shown.. Which is also a Deflection angle of the 2 tangents,it is also known as the Central or Point of Intersection (PI) angle which is also called the Delta Angle. The program is asking for the curve Data to calculate where the offsets are from the arc line or Center Line of curve..So your angle in question is the same angle at the Radius looking at the Point of Curve then turning to the Point of Tangent.Point of Curve is the beginning and Point of Tangent is the end of the Curve. Have you calculated all the parts of the Curve???.


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